5 Fun Facts You Should Know About Golf

Everyone loves sports. There are so many different ones, and now we even have e-sports, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Something about them is so beautiful, and watching the highest level of the game played is like magic unfolding before our eyes. Athletes spend their lives devoted to a single passion, and it transfers beautifully.

Since sports have been around for so long, there are also a ton of facts about each one of them. Some of them have fascinating histories. Other ones have players who were so good that it’s almost supernatural. All of these stories make the sports themselves even more beautiful, and it also raises new questions. Is someone going to break those records? What’s happening now, that can be considered as a fact in the future?

Now, we will look at a few facts about golf. It’s an old sport that’s full of history, and there are a lot of events. Here are five of them that everyone will like. Click here to find out more.

It’s actually a fantastic workout

Whenever you think of golf, you usually think of older men dressed in white, cruising around in a cart. That’s simply a stereotype since many different people play it, and most of them prefer walking. When you think about it, the course is pretty vast itself. Deciding to walk instead of the drive will burn a hell of calories, and it does.

It’s been proven that walking during a game can burn up to 450 calories per hour. Those results were taken from people who weigh around 190 pounds. It’s not as effective as running or jumping rope, but it does burn a lot of calories. It also promotes gaining more muscle mass. Since you’re putting your muscles through a constant strain, it develops strength too.

It’s a sport that was played on the moon

Well, this is a bit odd, but it’s true. Now, we all know that Neil Armstrong was the first person to reach the moon. However, it wasn’t his idea to play gold there. It was the idea of Alan Bartlett Shepard Junior. On the 6th of February in 1971, he hit a ball with a six iron. The ball then flew across the atmosphere of the moon. View the link for more https://www.golftreasury.com.

Of course, the atmosphere there is pretty low, so we don’t exactly know how far it went. And in case you were wondering, another sport was played on the moon too. It was javelin throwing. Surprising as it is, we realize that wherever we go, humans will still bring competitions with them. One of those is undoubtedly going to be golf.

The first balls were made out of wood

All sports have their own history. They weren’t always as we know them today, and that needed a few years to develop. Golf, on the other hand, is pretty old in itself. We have evidence from the 14th century that this sport was played with balls made out of hardwood. The most common types of wood that were used were either beech or box trees.

These balls were trendy up until the late 17th century. Since they were pretty cheap, a lot of people could afford to play it. However, since wood can easily nick and crack, the balls needed to be changed after two or three games.

Some balls were made out of feathers

These types of balls were known as featheries. They also appeared when the wood ones were becoming popular. Mainly, it was a leather pouch filled with feathers from a goose or a chicken. They were also incredibly cheap, and a lot of people played it with these types of balls. A modern-day equivalent of a feathery is around 10 to 20 dollars.

The first 18 hole game was played on a sheep farm

America is first in a lot of things, and this is a part of that list. The first course with 18 holes was made there, on the property of Charles McDonald. On his farm in Downer’s Grove, back in 1892, he and his colleagues started the construction and finished it. It’s still unchanged today, but it was a bit downsized to nine holes.