Seattle Seahawks Have Signed Free Agent D.J. Fluker

The Seahawks finally came to an agreement with free agent D.J Fluker for a one-year contract, as confirmed by his agent.

Fluker will most likely take the position of guard, but this remains to be confirmed upon the signing of his contract. This Seahawks acquisition has been made at great cost, in the hopes of improving their running game. Those who usually look for AFL betting tips may do well to focus their attention elsewhere now, as American football just got more exciting.

Fluker’s Credentials

Fluker’s football career started as a college player in Alabama, he was rated an All-American player and in 2009 he was invited to the U.S Army All-American Bowl.

The San Diego Chargers drafted Fluker in the 2013 NFL draft, the fourth offensive lineman from Alabama in five years. 2015 saw him move from right tackle to guard, and in 2017 he was released by the Chargers.

Subsequently Fluker joined the New York Giants on a one year $3 million contract. Playing nine games until an injury put him on the bench.

March 20th marks the day the Seahawks managed to sign up this monster of a right guard.

At 27 years old, Fluker weighs in at a hefty 339 pounds, and stands at 6.5 feet. His massive size will add a freight trains worth of bulk to the Seahawks offensive line as well as added endurance.  Hoping to add more man-blocking power to a team whose focus has been to block off zones.

Fluker’s massive bulk makes him the largest lineman in the Seahawks line up, which is really saying something if you consider who they have on the 2018 roster, like the brick shit house that is Germain Ifedi.

Fluker has been rated 36th for run-blocks, 78th for pass blocks, and 24th in pass block efficiency, all clearly demonstrated when Fluker joined the Giants and they had an improvement in the running game to a 130 yards average over three games. According to coach Pete Carroll he plans to take advantage of Fluker’s skill in this area and the Seahawks running game will be a priority during training season.

Fluker Not the Only New Edition

Fluker has chosen to join the Seahawks over a number of other offers, but looking at his history he is a player who plays to win, and the Seahawks look to stand a good chance.

Fluker is not the only free agent to sign with the Seahawks recently, and their fresh players include receiver, Jaron Brown. So new his listing status has not even changed. Maurice Alexander, safety, and tight end, Ed Dickson.

There may be some ruffled feathers as players like Ethan Pocic are move to other positions to make room for the new editions, but being on the winning team is sure to control the testosterone levels.

What’s to Come

So, what do we expect from the Seahawks to come? They’ve certainly filled any gaps and created quite a line up for themselves, but we’ll have to wait and see. All the major teams will be putting some considerable effort into their off-season training and game strategy, and, there are still a few unsigned free agents who could make all the difference to the major players.

Patience is a virtue.