Russell Wilson Is Your NFL MVP So Far This Season

The Seattle Seahawks currently stand at 5-1 and are off to a hotter start than most people would’ve imagined. And even though football is a team game, this season is being dominated by one man, Russell Wilson. 

The veteran quarterback is starting to put himself in the thick of the MVP discussion. 

Last year, his contract extension was a hot topic amongst Hawks fans. I guess Seattle made the right choice in paying Wilson the big bucks.

Watching him this year is a football fan’s dream: He has led fourth-quarter comebacks, completed unrealistic passes, scrambled all over the field, and sported a new hairstyle after each game.

It’s hard to see from the naked eye areas he can improve on.

The 12’s leader has always been a top-five quarterback, but this season is something different. His consistency is off the charts. With the exception of a short lull against Cincinnati, he’s been near perfect.

His stats in 2019 1,704 passing yards, 14 touchdowns, zero interceptions, and a quarterback rating of 157.3.

And this success is predetermined.

The 5-foot-11 signal caller exhibits positive energy on a routine basis. “I truly believe in positive synergy, that your positive mindset gives you a more hopeful outlook,” he said.

In the NFL cliques are common but it appears he really believes this stuff, and the proof is appearing is the physical form.

Since his arrival in Seattle he’s won the starting job, became a team leader, led the Hawks to a Super Bowl victory, and is on the path to capturing his first MVP award. All this from a guy who was a slightly known undersized 3rd round draft pick.

Not to mention, that he hasn’t missed one single-game since being named the starter, he’s currently played in 118 straight matchups.  

In 2012 the Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to a $26 million contract with $10 million guaranteed, Flynn didn’t play one regular-season snap as Seattle’s starting quarterback, Wilson beat him out. This is proof that Russell’s belief in himself has been within him all along, its not a product of his success. “And belief that you can do something great means you will do something great,” he said.

We are just lucky that Ex-Seahawks Owner Paul Allen gave him a chance. He would have been successful whenever he landed but starting a rookie signal caller over a high-contract free agent was a bold move, and I’d say it paid off.

He’s also appreciative of the organization for the opportunity. This was on full display when he cried after the Hawks beat the Rams earlier this month. He shed tears over the loss of Allen, who’s life was honored before the game, he passed about a year ago.

In an interview after the contest fighting through tears, Wilson said, “We have a tribute to Paul today, he gave me an opportunity ya know and I’m just grateful, just grateful.”

The combination of humble, hard-working, motivated, dependable, and charismatic are just a few traits that make him an elite leader, but his heart is what separates him from the pack. He’s led Seattle to 20 fourth quarter comebacks and 26 game winning drives in his career.

Some things can’t be explained by talent it’s just the spirit within.

Inevitably he will be remembered because he is a winning quarterback, but it’s important to recognize he’s just a person doing the best he can, just like anyone else.

Now I’ll ask you… is Russell Wilson worth the money?

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  1. In my opinion,Russell Wilson is the most humble, caring, hard working,determined, non- egotistical, record breaking,future hall of fame quarter back.He has givin the city of Seattle hopes of future Super Bowl wins no doubt.Wilson has brought us to the Super Bowl 3 times.1 win 2 losses.But the losses are nothing because we Seahawk fans know we actually won those games.Russell Wilson and Pete Caroll has given Seattle a football team that strikes fear in any football team that comes to Seattle to play.With other players such as Graham,Tate, Lockett, Baldwin and Carlson are offense is one of the best in N.F.L. Our defense still gives other teams a big scare and intimates all teams.Russell Wilson is my ALL TIME best quarterback vote.And he loves Seattle and is grateful to Paul Allen for giving him a chance and he shows every Seahawk fan just how truly grateful he is by giving us (fans) a yearly playoff playing Seahawk Franchise team.Russell Wilson You are loved by literally millions.But mostly by God himself.
    Thank you for all you’ve done in Seattle and for Seattle.May you break all the records then keep on breaking your own records.We love you forever.YOU ARE SEATTLE.

  2. Mark my words and Im telling you all at this moment.Seattle will be no.1 in the conference and in the Super Bowl.There is no such thing as a undefeatable team after playing Seattle.Especially playing in Seattle.

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