Roulette And Why It Has Continued To Be So Popular

Roulette is one of the most easily understood yet thrilling casino games a person can enjoy. It is centuries old and really hasn’t changed a great deal over time, leading many gamblers to ask why the game has stood the test of time and endured for so long, with very few changes. So, what is the history of the roulette wheel? And why has it remained so popular in casinos to this day? Let’s take a look now!

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The history of roulette. 

The roulette wheel was invented in 1655 by French physicist Blaise Pascal. He didn’t intend to create a casino game; instead, he tried to develop a perpetual motion machine, that can continue operating without drawing energy from an external source. Of course, such an invention is impossible, as it goes against the laws of physics, but his invention didn’t go to waste; it gave birth to one of the most popular casino games of all time.

The adding of zero. 

Pascal’s roulette wheel remained unchanged until 1842 when Francois and Lois Blanc designed a roulette wheel with a single zero in it. This was done specifically for King Charles III of Monaco, who was seeking to give his new casino in Monaco a further house edge. The casino wheel as we know it today with the zero included was born in the Monte Carlo casino and was quickly adopted by other casinos in Europe.

So why is roulette so popular? 

Perhaps the main reason that roulette is so popular is because it is so simple to understand. A beginner with little to no knowledge of gambling can look at a roulette wheel and understand how to place a bet on one of the outcomes. When compared to other table games like baccarat or craps, it’s clear to see why roulette is so popular for beginners, and it’s often the first casino game that gamblers learn and enjoy.

What’s more, roulette is very sociable, and the wheel makes it incredibly exciting. Unlike many of the other table games in the casino, you’re not betting against other players, you’re only playing against the house. This means you can share your bets with friends or other players and try and profit as much as you can from the house while having a great time.

Another thing that’s so appealing about roulette is that every spin promises the chance of winning, and isn’t reliant on other factors within the game (such as the roll of the dice, deal of cards etc.) Everyone has a chance of winning the spin, and you can choose which number or section you want to place your bet on.

Roulette has seamlessly transitioned to an online game. 

As with many other casino games in recent times, roulette has become an incredibly popular game enjoyed by online gamblers. Although it might not be quite as exciting as standing over the spinning roulette wheel with a cold cocktail in hand, the premise of the online version of the game remains extremely simple, and the excellent graphics offered by online casinos enables people to enjoy roulette from wherever they are.

To conclude, roulette has stood the test of time and remained an incredibly popular and accessible casino game. Since the adding of the zero in Monte Carlo in the nineteenth century, the roulette wheel has been a prominent feature of all brick and mortar casinos. In recent times, it has become one of the most commonly enjoyed online games enjoyed by players.