Pat Mahomes’ Historic 10-Year Contract Extension – Takeaways, Reactions, Shopping Lists

Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes reacts after throwing a touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill during the first half of the NFL AFC Championship football game against the Tennessee Titans Sunday, Jan. 19, 2020, in Kansas City, MO. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

It just happened. The most expensive contract in sports history was just signed. Patrick Mahomes is going to be a very, very, very rich man.

The contract is a 10-year extension worth up to $503 million with $141.48 million injury guaranteed. That’s over a half billion George Washingtons. 

Prior to this deal, our very own Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks had the largest contract in the NFL, making a cool $35 million a year. The Kermit blew this contract out of the water as he will now make $45 million a year. 

The most amazing part of all this may be the fact that not one person thinks Mahomes doesn’t deserve it. This 24-year-old superstar is not only the face of the Kansas City Chiefs, but the face of the NFL. Not only has he broken the Madden curse somehow, he’s also won MVP, the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl MVP (youngest player to do so), and the postseason passing touchdown record in two seasons. There are some phenomenal young quarterbacks, but the NFL as a whole can say without a doubt, Mahomes is the best.

In case that resume of awards wasn’t enough, here’s more:

Here are some of the great reactions by everyone on the jaw dropping contract:

Imagine growing up with LeBron as your hero and he asks you to borrow some money. Patrick Mahomes is living the dream, and he deserves every ounce of it.

While everyone is out congratulating Mahomes on a contract he deserves, the Dallas Cowboys are secretly inside crying to themselves. All they had to do was sign Dak Prescott to a decent contract before Mahomes, as everyone knew Pat was going to get a blockbuster deal when the time came, and they would have been fine. Now, Dak will be breathing down Jerry Jones’s neck for a super contract as well. 

I personally don’t see why Prescott thinks he deserves $45 million in his fifth when Mahomes is making $45 million now. Dak obviously isn’t the face of the NFL and there are many quarterbacks better than him, like Wilson, who happened to finish second place in the NFL MVP vote while making $35 million a year.

But what can I say? Go chase your bag, Dak.

In the spirit of a monumental contract, let’s see what Patrick Mahomes can buy with the much money.

  • 111 of the most expensive Lamborghini, the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster which sells for $4.5 million each
  • 4,000 private islands. At this point, he could literally build his own city/country.
  • 166,666,667 Hunt Ketchup bottles from Walmart.
  • According to Stephen Follows, the average movie costs $18 million to make. Patrick Mahomes could make 27 movies (which would probably make him even richer).
  • 333333333 hot dogs and a soda combo meal from Costco.
  • Basically all the houses in my neighborhood
  • 5 25,000-Square-Foot Mansions in LA 
  • 1 Airbus A380, the most expensive and largest airplane in history.

Some food for thought is that this contract may be a lot of money now, but in the future, it’s perceivable that a superstar NFL quarterback will be making $60 million a year. In that case, this deal may actually be a steal for the Chiefs. But based on what he’s shown over the last few years, it’s safe to say he is worth all that money. I’m just as excited as the rest of the NFL to see what crazy stuff he pulls out of his money bag of tricks next year.

How many more MVPs and Super Bowls do you think he’ll win in the next 10 years?

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