Online Live Gaming For American Citizens. Reality Of 2022

The number of American roulette online casino options that players have today is rather limited compared to those available to international players. The reason for this is in the patchwork regulation they have that creates differences between federal laws (and the lack thereof) and state laws. With 50 states, there are 50 different versions of how online gambling is supposed to be handled, and many online casinos have just decided to stay out of it until things are clarified. However, there are still many opportunities for USA players can enjoy, and there are a number of good options available.

Reliable, Trustworthy Service

One of the key things to look for if you want to play live roulette online is a site that is trustworthy. There’s no use in gambling on the games if it’s going to be just as big of a gamble to get your funds withdrawn, and that’s why we only recommend sites that give players peace of mind in knowing that they will have guaranteed access to their funds. There are a few different pieces of information that we have used to vet live roulette USA casinos in this regard.

First, we look at the licensing details of the sites that are out there. While most sites are licensed these days, not all of them are licensed in a jurisdiction that carries any significant influence. The strongest jurisdictions have strict guidelines about how their licensees are supposed to take care of players, their funds, and their personal information. They enforce these guidelines by issuing fees and penalties to licensees that break minor rules and by pulling the licenses for sites that break major rules. This means that there are no sites that hold reputable licenses that have been around for long at all.

Reputation and History

It’s also important to look at both the current reputation and the history of every online casino. This can often tell you more than the licensing information in many cases, and the point is that we look at their history of cashouts, how quick and reliable they have been with these cashouts, and what their customer service has been like Players can tell a lot about a site by how they handle their customers, and that’s why you should look at all of these factors together.

Interface Options

There are a few different ways that players can connect from the United States to play with live dealers. The most popular used to be a downloadable program that installs on the player’s computer. However, instant play options that don’t require any download have become very popular as well, and these can be played from any type of computer. Whether it’s a Mac or a computer that uses a Windows or Linux operating system, all you need is a connection and a web browser to load up the games.

A third way to play is using a mobile device. Both tablets and smartphones can be used to connect and play online. Players should use mobile options if they have a quality connection only, however, because the high-definition audio and video feeds will run up a player’s data usage on their mobile plan very quickly.