NFL Scouting Report, Mock Draft, And Prediction For Oregon’s Bo Nix

We’re less than one month away from the second-biggest weekend of the NFL calendar, and we have a whole slew of Mock Drafts to review with an eye toward Bo Nix.

But first, here is a reminder of how the Oregon Ducks quarterback measured out at the combine, with a quick look at how scouts may view the potential first-round pick. 


Courtesy of Yahoo Sports Senior NFL Reporter Charles Robinson.

Age: 24

Height: 6’2⅛”

Weight: 214

Wingspan: 74¼”

Arms: 30⅞”

Hands: 10⅛”

Scouting Report

Nix enters the NFL possessing what teams crave both at quarterback and as the face of a franchise: Unquestionable poise and undeniable experience. 

Despite never making a national title game, the five-year starter split his college days between two of the biggest programs in the country: Oregon and Auburn. He did nothing but improve during his last two with the Ducks, where he became 2023’s Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year, made First-Team All-Pac 12, and, of course, was a Heisman finalist.

In the pocket, Nix showed a smooth, long ball both at Oregon and at the combine—not to mention an invaluable ability to launch quickly. On the outside, though, he showcased athleticism and explosiveness, which have become near-essentials at the position. 

Of course, there are reasons Nix is projected as the fifth quarterback off the board instead of pushing for No. 1 overall.

Along with facing stiff QB competition, Nix may give scouts pause coming from an Oregon scheme that, quite frankly, kept it simple. Calling Bo a game manager wouldn’t be fair, but the number of RPOs and screen passes in Dan Lanning’s offense could leave plenty to be desired as scouts review critically. 

Latest Mock Drafts

With a month to go, Nix is all over the board. 


Here’s a look at recently published mocks ahead of the official April 25 NFL Draft. 

ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. — No. 12, Denver Broncos

Excerpt: “The Broncos have been quiet in free agency. Are they really comfortable going into the season with Jarrett Stidham as their starting quarterback? They’re running out of options, unless they can find a way to move up in the draft … or if they liked someone from the second tier of passers. … Nix isn’t going to be for every team, but Payton might see a little Drew Brees in him. He’s a super-fast processor who can make every throw and was one of the most productive passers in college football the past two seasons.”

ESPN’s Mike Tannenbaun — No. 12, Denver Broncos

Excerpt: “The big concern would be the arm strength. His deep balls fluttered at times at the Senior Bowl, and that matches what I see on tape. It might limit Nix’s ceiling, but it’s also something Payton can work around and develop.”

The Athletic’s Ben Standig — No. 25, Denver Broncos (via trade w/ Green Bay Packers)

Excerpt: “Drafting a first-round quarterback isn’t Sean Payton’s thing. Entering camp with only Jarrett Stidham and Ben DiNucci probably isn’t either. Taking Nix offers youthful hope even if the Oregon standout is a bit older (24) than the typical rookie.”

CBS Sports Staff — No. 42, Minnesota Vikings’s Bucky Brooks — Not in Round 1

The Ringer — Not in Round 1


If Nix slips past the Broncos at No. 12, and Denver also holds pat instead of trading down, it’s easy to see how he could slip out of the first round. 

But as the legendary Lee Corso has made a career saying … not so fast, my friend. 

The Broncos needed to get out of the Russell Wilson deal, and now they are course-correcting in a major way. Realistically, that could include a trade up—not down, as The Athletic suggested—to snag Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy near the top of the draft. However, a move of that magnitude might also be more than the organization can swallow, considering the haul they shelled out bringing Wilson over in the first place. 

Nix to Denver feels right. Comparing him to Drew Brees, as Mel Kiper has, feels ambitious. But only because we would and should feel that way about any future Hall of Famer. In reality (or at least on paper), both are sneaky athletes who take advantage of things like a “smooth long ball” to compensate for lacking a deep canon. 

If the Broncos draft Nix, they’d land a mature leader who also feels like a potential plug-and-play prospect under Payton.

One way or another, the prediction here is Nix to Denver—who will soon forget all about Russell Whatshisname. 

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