New Rules That Should Be Implemented In The NFL Right Now

What’s up, it’s your local twenty-something telling you about sports again. This week, I want to talk about rules. (This will be the first thing I tell my children when they are born).

The XFL announced a slew of interesting new rules this week, including no kicking for an extra point, and a continuous running clock, and it got me thinking about what new rules I would like implemented in the NFL. 

DISCLAIMER: I thought of all of these while I was driving to work yesterday, and I have not run these ideas by anyone. Make of that what you will.

First idea: Inside of two minutes during the fourth quarter, if a team is down by a touchdown and has the ball, they can add a 12th player to the offense. “Hey Steven, that’s unfair! I’ve attended numerous math classes, and 12 has always been bigger than 11. Explain yourself!” I will, please be patient. While they can add a 12th player, they also forfeit having four downs. They will only be allowed three downs. “Oh. Ok. That seems fair enough. Please continue.” Thank you. I think this would be fun! It would be interesting to see how many teams would do it. What’s more important, an extra player, or an extra down? We need to know! 

Second Idea: If you score a touchdown, you get to keep the ball until you don’t score a touchdown. King of the court-style. Imagine this, there could be an entire game where one team doesn’t get the ball! I love it. Would this idea ever happen? Oh, absolutely not, but who cares. I don’t. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t watch a game where The Ravens never give the ball to The Bengals. 

Third Idea: We have to get rid of the coin toss. (I assume this is why no companies have hired me after college. I keep losing the coin toss.) There has to be some other way for us to decide who gets the ball, especially in overtime. Maybe the fans can vote! Or maybe only the fans in the stadium. Why not have the team who scored most recently get the ball first? Or maybe the first team to score in the game gets the ball first in overtime. Also, both teams need to get the ball in overtime, but everyone knows that. 

Fourth idea: The teams who qualify for the playoffs can sign any player who did not make the playoffs. That’s right, I want pure chaos. What else are these players doing? All of them want to win the Super Bowl, why not give them that opportunity? Don’t the fans want to see the very best players? Wouldn’t it be cool to see Christian McCaffrey join The Ravens for a few weeks? I feel like a bunch of great players are being wasted this time of year. Now there can be rules as to how many they can sign and there could even be a draft, but I’m not here to sort out the details, I’m just here to throw out ideas. I feel like the NFL forgets it’s a TV show sometimes, and this would be amazing entertainment. 

I think these rules would be a real hoot. If you do too, please call your local NFL representative, and let’s get these rules in the game. 

Article over. 

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