Know These 10 Health Benefits Of Matcha Tea

Over the years, Japanese people have always loved a healthy lifestyle. From the type of food they eat to what they drink. Matcha tea is a household name in many Japanese homes. Taking matcha green tea caffeine and other types of green tea is a culture that has been adopted in Japan, and across different parts of the globe due to the benefits they offer. Literally, Matcha tea is prepared from green tea produced in Japan. 

Preparing the drink is a simple fine art that takes a few minutes. The drink is not only refreshing, but it comes with a ton of health benefits including.

1. It has Anti-Aging properties

Matcha tea is rich in antioxidants that help to fight free radicles and harmful UV effects. It is rich in nutrients and great ability to prevent inflammation, combat ageing and oxidation. The Okinawa people of japan have used Matcha tea for ages, and are known to live longer.

2. Detox

Matcha tea is excellent for detox. It cleanses the blood and maintains alkalinity in the body. What’s more, it gets rid of heavy metals, hormone disrupters and other toxics. As such, it promotes a healthy colon and general health.

3. Prevents Cancer

Matcha tea is known to have Gatechins, which also have chemopreventive features. Therefore, it fights cancer-causing free radicals. Polyphenols found in the tea also prevents the growth of cells that cause malignant cancer. It also helps to prevent colorectal, breast, prostate and bladder cancer.

4. It Aids Weight Loss

Matcha tea is free of calories. Catechins in the tea are rich in thermogenic properties that promote weight loss through fat oxidation. It also promotes metabolism and burns up to 10 per cent of calories a day. 

5. Energy Boosting

Matcha has unique caffeine elements that boost energy levels. Theophylline in the tea sustains high energy and hormonal levels to keep you active all day long. A cup of Matcha tea can boost your energy levels up to 6 hours.

6. It is relaxing

Matcha tea is relaxing, reduces stress levels and promotes quality sleep. Its unique properties including L theanine are amazing and are 5 times more powerful than regular green tea. It has antioxidants and anti-anxiolytic elements that boost alpha waves in your brain. These waves play a significant role in inducing relaxation without causing drowsiness. 

It also inhibits neuron excitation, promotes mental relaxation and a calming effect. It enhances serotonin and dopamine production that helps to boost your memory.

7. Boosts Immunity

Apart from its rich antioxidants, Matcha tea has other vital elements including antibiotic properties that boost the immunity system. There are also antigens, iron, Vitamin A and C, protein, and potassium nutrients that Matcha tea provides in abundance. These nutrients among others boost your immunity system. It also prevents the possible attack of disease-causing cells.

8. Boosts Gastrointestinal Health

Matcha tea promotes intestinal health by preventing diseases and the growth of tumours. This is because of its high fibre dietary elements. It stimulates bioactivity in the intestines, eases constipation and flatulence among other possible intestinal issues. The antioxidants and anti-cancer elements in tea fight bacteria and cancer-causing cells in the intestines.

9. Reduces Blood Sugar Levels and Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Regular consumption of Matcha tea has been associated with reduced bad cholesterol levels in the body. It boosts good cholesterol and reduces the amount of creatinine in the blood. As such, it improves vascular function in the body.

10. Prevents Common Infections

Matcha tea is known to prevent common infections. This includes viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Its antibacterial elements and effect in the body prevent illnesses and diseases including Candida Albicans, hepatitis B and C, Influenza type A and other diseases. Sometimes the progression of diseases like hepatitis C isn’t preventable, especially if it isn’t caught early enough. That’s why hepatitis testing could be crucial to your health and if you do have it, then health services in your will be able to give you a helping hand to stop the spread of the disease. Liver infections, gum disease, infection of the lungs and intestines can be largely prevented by regular consumption of Matcha tea.