Is Payton Pritchard The Future Of The Oregon Ducks?

Brian Davies/The Register-Guard

There is nothing quite as exciting for a college player as being drafted up to the big time, except perhaps when you get a player like Payton Pritchard who has had so many offers for a full ride on a basketball scholarship that it made his head spin for a time. With offers coming at him from big schools like UCLA, Villanova and Michigan State, the Oregon senior (at the time) had to weigh his options carefully.

Where Does Your Loyalty Lie?

In the end, he did what he knew he’d always do, and stay close to his home state where his loyalties have always been. Now, with so many of the Ducks’ big names going pro at the end of this season or next, it’s time for the cocky freshman to step up and fill a void in the lineup for the University of Oregon come fall. Already fans around the world are watching him, and betting play by play odds. It only takes reading a full Betfair review by Efirbet to see that with this talented young player, you need to keep up play by play because he can turn it around in a heartbeat and when he’s on the floor, anything can happen. Opponents beware!

Ducks Wishing Them Well but Missing Them Nonetheless

So then, the buzz out there is what will happen to the BB team at the University of Oregon when they lose key players that will undoubtedly go pro very soon. Of greatest concern are:

  • Jordan Bell
  • Dillon Brooks
  • Tyler Dorsey

All of whom will almost certainly go pro in the very near future. Even so, as each becomes a senior, his tenure with the Ducks will come to an end and each will be missed sorely by coaches, teammates, fans and of course, the entire staff and student body of Oregon.

A Bright Future Awaits Him

When Pritchard first arrived at the Ducks, some of his teammates found him to be a bit ‘cocky,’ in their words. He had it going on and he knew it. Recounting his initial meeting with Pritchard, soon-to-be ex-teammate Jordan Bell says that his impression was that he’d just met the ‘cockiest dude’ he’d ever met. Then he chewed on that for a bit and decided that the ‘dude’ was good and when you are that good, you have to know it. Coming from a shining star, that is high praise, indeed.

What Bell was referring to was a recounted comment that Pritchard made way back in junior high, in eighth grade to be exact. He boasted that he would win 4 straight championships in high school and guess what? He did just that! Cocky? Probably but deservedly so in the eyes of Bell and any who have had the opportunity to see him in action. So then, with the loss of the University of Oregon’s three stars, can Pritchard fill such a huge hole in the lineup? There is little doubt he can. For now it’s a waiting game and a ‘look see’ throughout the remainder of this season and into the next.