Injury Sidelines Johnny James Until May

Johnny James was looking forward to test his skills against Ray Hill at Rumble at the Roseland 96 but, unfortunately, the fight had to be cut short. Earlier this week, Johnny James was scheduled for surgery to fix the leg injury sustained during that fight.

James is hoping to get back into the gym by May. If on schedule, that could put him on track for one last fight (as an amateur) at Rumble at the Roseland 98. Johnny James was hoping to begin his pro career sometime mid-year, but due to his injury, this set back will push back his pro debut.

We at PortlandMMA and Oregon Sports News hope the best for Johnny James and a quick recovery!

Not too many fighters want to face Johnny James, but Ray Hill was up to the challenge. And what is more astonishing, Hill was going to do it on only 8 days notice.

Johnny James started off strong within the first round. James was showing his strength with his monstrous kicks and his huge punches as his marquee style. But Hill wasn’t backing down against anything Johnny James was throwing at him. James got Hill against the cage twice, picking him up and ending with some highlight slams!

But after the second takedown attempt by James, the fight ensued on the ground. Battling it out between both fighters, Johnny suddenly stopped. It was a moment that seemed like forever as Johnny held his leg, obviously in pain. Not knowing exactly what happened, the Roseland went quiet with concern over the fighter. Referee Dave Hagen called the bout and called in the medics to assist Johnny. Johnny was transported to the hospital straight from the cage, but was released soon after.

This incident came in the same week as Gracie Barra’s Paige VanZant broke her arm that Sunday at UFC Fight Night in St. Louis. Facing Jessica-Rose Clark, Paige went in for a spinning backfist.

Paige’s forearm landed against Clark’s forehead. With Paige not showing any pain, nobody noticed any difference. But as the round ended, she told her corner she might have broken it. Amazingly, she finished the fight( all three rounds) with her injury. Ultimately she lost to a unanimous decision to Jessica Rose Clark.

They transported Paige to the hospital right after her bout. The hospital confirmed what she had thought. A broken forearm. Currently there is no known return date for Paige VanZant.