How Will They Do This Year? – Seattle Seahawks’ Schedule Prediction

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The NFL regular season schedule has just been announced. We finally have a better sense of what this year will look like. And with that knowledge comes predictions. So here they are, my pre-draft 2018 Seattle Seahawks predictions.

Week 1- Denver Broncos W

The Seahawks pull out the win against the team they beat for their first Super Bowl in franchise history. The Broncos are a far cry from what they were when these two teams faced on the league’s biggest stages.

Week 2- Chicago Bears W

Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen are not enough to beat Seattle in Week 2. The Seahawks are able to load up against the run and scratch out a victory in their first primetime game of 2018.

Week 3- Dallas Cowboys W

Without Dez Bryant the Cowboys passing game won’t be able to get off the ground against Seattle. Just like with the Bears they are able to load the box against the run and beat the Cowboys.

Week 4- Arizona Cardinals W

The Cardinals do not have a great quarterback situation right now and that will hurt the entire team. This is the first divisional game of 2018 and the Seahawks will somehow struggle in this matchup and Arizona gets the win in Week 4.

Week 5- Los Angeles Rams L

LA is too much for Seattle to handle in Week 5 and they put a hurt on the Seahawks this week. They have too much firepower on both sides of the ball for Seattle to win this game so early in the year.

Week 6- Las Vegas Raiders W

The Raiders game is a toss-up at this point. It is in London and the Raiders are hard to project going into the season, but I believe they lose to Seattle at this point, because of some Russell Wilson heroics.

Week 7- Bye Week

Week 8- Detroit Lions L

Luke Willson gets his first game against his former team here, and I do not think he gets a catch in this contest. Seattle will smother the Lions coming off of their Bye Week with a terrific defensive performance.

Week 9- Los Angeles Chargers L

The Chargers are still trying to put everything together this year and I think they will find a way to win against Seattle in this matchup. Philip Rivers finds a way to win in this Week 9 game.

Week 10- Los Angeles Rams W

Seattle gets revenge in this second game against the division rival Rams. It is the home stretch of the year and the Seahawks are going to find their groove gearing up for the postseason.

Week 11- Green Bay Packers W

This is a Thursday Night game against one of Seattle’s biggest non-division rivals. And the Seahawks are very good in primetime games, this does not bode well for a Packers team that still has Aaron Rodgers but little else this year, the Seahawks win this game handily.

Week 12- Carolina Panthers L

The Seahawks are coming into this game hot off a couple of good wins, but the Panthers find a way to win this one. Russell never gets untracked against the defense and they can’t pull out the victory here.

Week 13- San Francisco 49ers W

The Seahawks finally get to play the 49ers in Week 13, and they have no problem rolling over them. Pundits are very high on the 49ers this year but they are still at least another year away from being an outside contender for the Super Bowl. Seattle wins this one going away.

Week 14- Minnesota Vikings L

The Vikings are a very good team and they have only gotten better this offseason. This is not going to be a pretty game with both defenses slugging it out but I think the Vikings win this game by at least a touchdown at this point.

Week 15- San Francisco 49ers W

In the Seahawks’ second game against the 49ers in two weeks the get to flex their muscles. Seattle wins another division game and gets to nine wins on the year.

Week 16- Kansas City Chiefs W

Seattle will be fighting for playoff position at this point of the year and the Chiefs won’t be able to stop them. With a new quarterback and some changes on defense the Chiefs cannot pull this game out and lose handily to the Seahawks.

Week 17- Arizona Cardinals W

In the finale of the 2018 regular season Seattle is looking for their eleventh win of the year and possibly first place in the division. I think they are down at halftime but end up winning this game and securing a berth in the playoffs.

Prediction: 11-5 but they are still second in the division to the Rams and are a wild card playoff team.

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