How To Watch Preseason Football

Preseason football can be very interesting for some fans, and very boring for others. I am laying out some tips, points and suggestions about how to watch preseason football. Because it is quite different than any other game. I am trying to make it enjoyable for even the most casual fans, and even hardcore fans can take these games a little too seriously.

 #1 Do not put much stock in the performance of the team as a whole.

Wins and losses as a team this point are completely irrelevant. So, if you want to have more fun try and pick some people and watch their individual battles. This is what really matters at this point of the year…that and staying healthy of course. But just try not to get caught up in the overall performance of everybody because you will most likely be disappointed.

 #2 These games are mostly for evaluating players for roster spots and warming up for the year.

Like I said earlier, this is about individual matchups and evaluating players and schemes for the year. For teams like the Seattle Seahawks there are a lot of starting spots and roster spots open for players to compete for this preseason. These next three games are crucial for players “on the bubble”, which just means they don’t have a guaranteed spot yet like Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner.

#3 These games are going to be sloppily played and officiated.

There are going to be so many young players and players who don’t have chemistry together in these games, that you are going to see some sloppy football. It is almost the first time since last year where the players are actually tackling and hitting people hard. Players are going to have to get used to it again, and so are the officials, because it’s their preseason too.

#4 Just Have Fun.

These are glorified scrimmages with some of the best athletes in the world. Do not take it seriously. I’m not saying it should be joyless, just take everything with a grain of salt in the long run. Grab a drink and some food and enjoy watching the precursor to the 2018 NFL season.

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