How Can You Stay Fit At Home With Kids?

Children are a blessing, but there’s no denying that your life after kids gets tricky. 

The simple things you enjoyed before suddenly become a lot more complicated when you throw kids into the mix. Especially working out. 

Attempting an in-home workout plan when you have children to care for is difficult but not impossible. 

Keep reading to learn how you can complete an effective in-home workout plan, even when the kids are around. 

Time Your Workouts

Time your in-home workout plan for when you know your children will be in downtime. 

For example, if you know they usually take naps around 3 pm, plan on getting your workout in then. Or, if you have older kids, schedule your workouts around their downtime, like when they watch their favorite cartoons after finishing their homework. They’ll be so focused on the television that they won’t care about what you’re up to. 

Also, check with your partner. If you watch the kids all day, every day, surely they can take a half-hour or more out of their day to keep an eye on them while you do your thing. Everybody deserves at least a little time to themselves each day. 

Time your workouts strategically for when you’re more likely to be able to get them done. Use any opportunity you have to yourself to get in those workouts uninterrupted. 

Plan Multiple Short Workouts

Time is precious when you have kids. Even if you do plan your workouts while the kids are sleeping or in downtime, that’s not likely to last long. 

Your in-home workout plan can be split into multiple segments if you don’t have time to complete a full workout at once. 

Do as much as you can when you can. Three short 10-minute workouts throughout the day are better than no workout. 

Sample 10-minute workout:

30 Jumping Jacks

30 squats

20 push-ups (on knees if necessary)

30 crunches

Repeat this workout circuit for 10 minutes (or as long as you get!) for a quick, full-body workout. 

Incorporate Family Time into Your Workout

Sometimes watching children is a workout in and of itself. 

Make your kids part of your workout by being active with your kids. 

Load up the stroller and lace up your sneakers for a walk or jog around the park with your kids. Or tap into your inner child and play a game of Tag or Frisbee with them. You’ll burn a ton of calories while also interacting with your kids. 

Plus, all that running around will tire both of you out, meaning early bedtime for all. 

Make Your Workouts More Effective

When you have little time to work out, the little time you have to work out needs to be effective. 

Make your in-home workout plan work for you by incorporating compound exercises. Compound exercises are exercises that work multiple body parts at the same time. 

Working multiple muscle groups or body parts burns more calories and helps you get a full-body workout in a shorter time. 

Examples of compound exercises include deadlifts, squat to press, or static lunge with dumbbell bicep curl. 

Get Your Kids to Workout With You

It’s sometimes impossible to complete an in-home workout plan without the kids milling about the house getting into trouble, or hanging onto your legs. 

Keep them out of trouble and off your legs by getting them involved in your workout. 

For kids, working out with mommy or daddy is playing, not exercising. They’ll love to copy your moves and play workout time. Plus, they’ll love to be spending time with you. 

Get your kids doing squats, sit-ups, push-ups, or whatever else is included in your workout. For fun, you could even buy them their own set of children’s toy dumbbells

The benefit of getting your kids to work out with you is that you can get your workout in a while, keeping an eye on them. You’ll also be teaching them healthy habits that will keep them fit as they get older. And the extra energy they burn off working out with you certainly helps come nap time. 

Invest in a Jump Rope

On average, jumping rope burns a whopping 10-20 calories per minute

When you’re short on time and can’t leave the house to go for a run or do other forms of cardio, jumping rope is a convenient fat-burning exercise. 

Jumping rope not only burns tons of calories, but it also helps to build muscle in your lower body, particularly your calves. You’ll also get a little bit of a shoulder workout from the continuous small movement of turning the rope. 

A jump rope can be used anywhere and takes very little space to use. It’s perfect for when you only have a short time between your kids’ nap and their next feeding time. In only 10 minutes, you could burn well over 100 calories. 

For even more of a challenge and calorie burn, opt for a weighted jump rope. 

Don’t Sweat It

Being a parent is a job like no other. Your life will inevitably change after having kids, and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. 

While staying fit is vital for everybody, you should be realistic about your limitations. 

Don’t beat yourself up about missing a workout here and there. Your kids come first, and taking care of them is already a tough job. 

Do what you can when you can and learn to roll with the changes. Sometimes you’ll be able to complete your entire in-home workout plan, and other times you won’t. What matters is you are trying. 

Working out with kids at home is a challenge, but luckily, you’re made of strong stuff.