Home Workout – Fitness Gadgets For Your Workout At Home

Tired of going to the gym? Then it’s time for a home workout. All you need is motivation, some space, and some practical fitness equipment.

For many, training at home has been an integral part of their lives, especially since the beginning of the corona pandemic. You can continue to do so while the gyms are closed to stay fit and healthy. Home workout is also worthwhile for everyone who feels uncomfortable in a studio or who do not want to be bound by a contract. Also, you can simply follow the influencers that have thousands of followers on Instagram and stay true to home-workouts. After a little research, you can find many influencers with that particular strategy.

With a few fitness gadgets or larger exercise bikes, you can quickly set up your own small fitness studio in your own four walls. The good thing about it: You can set up your home studio according to your own ideas and adapt the exercises accordingly. In addition, you do not need to stick to certain opening times for home workouts : 24/7 is the order of the day!

Too Much or Too Little? How much home training makes sense?

Anyone who thinks here that a lot helps a lot is wrong. Because if you train every day, it’s not necessarily better. Who is active and wants to stay fit at home, should regularly take a regeneration phase. More precisely: After intensive training phases of more than 60 minutes, you should take a break of at least 48 hours or use the recovery phase for light exercises. For example, yoga is ideal here.

An optimal workout week consists of two to three 45- to 60-minute units consisting of a full-body workout. Is that too much for you? Then just train a specific muscle group for 10 to 15 minutes every other day.

Our tip: In the beginning, sore muscles are inevitable. But don’t worry, it disappears after a few exercise sessions. It is only important that you only start exercising again when you are working out at home when you are no longer in pain. So here we have to hold out!

Home workout: Train at home with the right equipment

If you want to start training at home, you usually only need a few basics to start with:

  • Fitness mat
  • chair
  • Water bottles as weights

We’re ready to go! For fitness beginners, simple exercises for building muscle such as squats, crunches or planks are suitable. You can do this on the fitness mat without much preparation. Equally effective: exercise your biceps, shoulders and arms with full water bottles or on a chair.

If you want to train more effectively and make your fitness exercises more varied, additional equipment for your home workout is useful. We have put together more fitness gadgets for your training at home:

1. Fitness bands

Fitness bands are small, versatile and inexpensive. The tapes are available in different lengths and colors, which show you the different strengths. The little fitness helpers are well suited for specifically training the legs, arms or buttocks during home workouts

2. Balance board

With a balance board, you can train specific muscle groups in addition to your balance. Since the board hardly takes up any space, it is particularly suitable for your home workout