Go Seahawks! Tips For Hosting A Football Watch Party

When repping your blue, silver, and green, there’s nothing like heading out to Lumen Field. (Or CenturyLink if you have as much trouble with change as we do). But when the team’s away or tickets are not in the budget, you can still capture all the fun of being surrounded by screaming fans from the comfort of your home.  

You don’t have to wait for the hawks to make the Super Bowl again to throw a bash. Our tips for hosting a football watch party for the Seahawks will help you throw an incredible party the next time they kick-off.

Ready the Party Space


Before pulling out the chips and guac, it’s good to start with the basics. You don’t have to make sure the whole house is spotless but pay attention to the rooms that your guests will stay in. Obviously, that means the TV room, but give your bathroom a refresh too. 


If your guests wanted to stand around for three or four hours, they could have just tailgated in the stadium parking lot. When you’re setting up, make sure there are seats for everyone around the TV and near the snacks. 


This is the part of party prep where you can have a little fun. Don’t stress too much about making everything look like a Pinterest board (people’s eyes will be on the screen anyway), but here are a few fun ideas you can add to your space:

  • Blue, silver, and green streamers
  • Some gentle razzing of the other team (39er’s logo on a dartboard, anyone?)
  • Balloons with logos on them
  • Cardboard cut-outs of your friends’ favorite players
  • Referee shirt beer koozies

Even if you don’t want to go all out with the room, you can still make it feel decorated by using the Seahawks’ logo on plates, cups, and napkins.

Gather Your Apps

Let’s be real; there are only two reasons anyone goes to a football party. One is football. Two is the food. But learning how to host a football watch party doesn’t mean learning to be a five-star chef either. Here are some appetizers that look like they take a lot more effort than they do:

  • Three-layer dips
  • Fondue
  • Seahawks colored candies (look for any green apple and blue raspberry flavored candy)
  • Taima’s wings (chicken wings)
  • A packet of smoked salmon, cream cheese, and club crackers


Are you worried about having enough food? Turn the party into a potluck or a chili cook-off. It’s less effort for you with twice as much food. 

Form Backup Game Plans

In football, you have to be ready for anything. The same goes for football parties. 

Are you planning on having the party outside? Have a space indoors ready for if it rains (this is Oregon, after all). Are you planning on serving your famous chili? Have some take-out numbers ready if it doesn’t come out right. When you prepare beforehand, you can sit back and enjoy the party.