Full Report On The Mayweather – McGregor Money Fight

One Last Win for Mayweather

It was a fight that raised debate and controversy at every turn. But in the end there could be only one winner, and Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. walked away with the top prize and the crocodile skin gem studded belt.

The result was one that many knew would be forthcoming. The world’s best boxer would defeat one of the world’s best mixed martial artists. But just how well the MMA star would stand up to the boxers beating was anyone’s guess and betting sites odds fluctuated wildly in the lead up to the fight . It’s safe to say that after Saturday night, Conor McGregor can hold his head up high, and the UFC Champion certainly didn’t embarrass himself in any way.

A 50th Win for Mayweather

McGregor summed up Mayweather’s win nicely in saying that that’s what 49 victories in the ring would lead to. For Mayweather it was his 50th consecutive victory and he has said, his last. He is now content to hang up his gloves and hope for an entry into the Boxing Hall of Fame. The 40 year old American had been retired for 2 years, but came back to fight McGregor, and is now happy that ‘his last dance with the perfect partner’ spells the end of his illustrious career.

McGregor, at only 29 years of age looked to have something of the advantage, but he had never boxed professionally in his life. He made his debut with surprising grace and never once fought recklessly or over aggressively- showing true discipline throughout. He was a credible challenge for Mayweather and he showed that should he ever want to enter the world of boxing, he could do very well.

A Tough Fight

Mayweather has said that the Irishman put up a tough fight and that he used different angles and techniques that both impressed and surprised him. His power, strength and determination took him off guard and it was clear that he understood the psychology of the sport too. Initially it looked like McGregor may have the upper hand and he caught Mayweather hard in the first 3 rounds. However, by the 4th round Mayweather had found his stride and he focused on wearing McGregor down. This tactic paid off, and by the 7th round it looked like it was all over.

A stinging blow sent McGregor reeling across the ring, but he caught himself and managed to go another 2 rounds, despite Mayweather wobbling him with right hands. It was in the 10th round when the wheels fell off and Mayweather got him onto the ropes and sunk the final hit. McGregor crumpled over in a defensive stance and the referee; Robert Byrd stepped in and ended the fight.

McGregor stated that he could have gone on, but in the end, Mayweather had outclassed him and the fight had reached its conclusion at 1:05 in round 10.

According to Plan

Mayweather has said that the fight went according to plan for him, and that wearing McGregor down was always his intention. He did however praise the UFC champ and in the subsequent press conferences both fighters have applauded the other’s performance. Those who were critical of McGregor have also had to eat their words, as he fought with dignity, the fight was never one sided, and he stayed within the boxing rules as far as possible. McGregor may not have won the title, but he has definitely won the respect of a lot more people in boxing.