Free Slot Games – Play Without Pay

Before the Internet, if you wanted to play slot machines, you would have to go visit a casino. Going to the casino was an adventure, because it had an allure like nothing else. As you stepped through the doors and onto the casino floor, the glittery lights, ‘cha-ching’ of slots machines and roaring screams of winners, would fill the air and lure you in.

Land Based Casino Slot Games

You would walk up and down the aisles and rows of slots, looking for an available slot machine that appealed to you and eventually, a little voice inside your head would say: “This one! This slot is going to pay big today!”.  You would take a seat, put money into the machine and get the reels spinning. As each reel came to rest to form a winning combination, your heart would miss a beat, and if Lady Luck was with you, suddenly bells and sirens would go off and lights would start flashing. Jackpot! Jackpot!

The downside of playing at a land-based casino was there were no free slot games; you had to commit money to try out a slot machine. But, once the Internet came about, things changed drastically, and online casinos emerged. The variety of slots, each with their own unique theme, dazzling graphics and animations, started to explode. No longer did you need to travel to play your favourite slots games; you could do it from your computer or mobile phone, anytime you liked.

The Birth of Online Free Slot Games

With so much variety, online casinos needed to give potential players the ability to try different slots for free. Yes, the birth of free slot games was upon us. Free slots games permeated beyond just online casinos. Social media and mobile apps fuelled an entire new industry of free slots. If you weren’t a gambler but enjoyed playing a slot game, you could now play without having to spend a cent. While playing slots for free can be fun, nothing comes close to the thrill of playing for real money and winning real money.

In recent years, there has been a surge in companies who develop online slots, and there are hundreds of new titles released every year. The variety of online slots is simply extraordinary. No matter if you like old-school 3-reel, single payline slots, or if you love adventure themed slots with hundreds of ways to win, that are packed with bonus features and free spins, you can have it all!

So Many Slots, So Little Time

With the plethora of online slots to choose from, how do you decide what’s best for you? How do you figure out how the game works without wasting your hard-earned cash? Simple! You try them out for free. Yes, free slot games are there for the taking. If the thought of playing a free slot game and not winning real money doesn’t appeal to you, then bear in mind, most online casinos offer free spins for a minimal deposit when you sign up. Like this, you can play and win real money by using your free spins welcome offer. Not bad hey?

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