Could Coastal Carolina And BYU Start A New Trend In College Football?

Coastal Carolina beat BYU on Saturday in what was one of the best college football games of the season. What made the game even more incredible was the fact that it wasn’t scheduled until two days prior. Coastal Carolina’s game against Liberty was cancelled due to COVID, so the AD’s of Carolina and BYU came together and scheduled the game with just a handful of hours to prepare. It was the perfect scenario for both teams, as they both entered the game undefeated and looking to prove themselves as serious playoff contenders. Not only was the game a huge success, but I think it could start a new trend:

 Let College Football teams pick who they play every week. 

… Or at least one week a year. 

I want a free for all. I want to see college football teams roaming around the country looking for a team to play. Each player will be handed a pair of binoculars, a map, and a specially designed app that alerts you when a college football team is nearby. 

You can televise this process. Have a camera crew follow some of the biggest teams as they cross country road trip to find an opponent that also is not receiving any money from the NCAA. 

Here’s how I imagine a conversation between two teams going: 

Team 1: “Hey, who wants to play us in a football game?” 

Team 2: “Hey! We would like to play you in a football game!” 

Team 1: “Great! Do you guys have a football? We left ours at home.” 

Team 2: “No problem! We always make sure our quarterbacks are carrying a football. You never know when you’ll have to throw a touchdown!” 

This process is like when your teacher would let you pick your own group for a class project. You immediately start looking at your friends and nodding your head. This is what this free for all week would feel like. All of the sudden Ohio State and USC start nodding at each other, but in this scenario, the group project involves them knocking the shit out of each other. 

I’m also excited for the gossip aspect of this, as there will be numerous rumors as to why certain teams decided not to play other teams. 

Everyone will be whispering to their friends, “Pssttt…  did you see that Alabama didn’t want to play Syracuse? I heard it was because they didn’t like their uniforms.” 

All in all, I’m glad that Coastal Carolina and BYU were able to make this work. This has opened up the door for games like this to happen going forward. I’m just happy BYU didn’t say no because they didn’t like Carolina’s uniforms. 

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