Clyde Drexler, Portland Trail Blazers Get Dishonorable Mention In MJ’s ‘Last Dance’ Documentary

“The Last Dance”  is really, really good, you guys.

The docuseries, which looks back on Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls and their final 1997-98 season, has captivated more than just the hoops community with live sports on pause. (And, you know, with MJ being the global eyeball magnet he’s always been.) 

If you only get to watch one episode, make it Episode 5. Sunday night’s first part is, arguably, the best of the series, followed closely by Episode 6 or the O.G. Episode 1. 

If you’re able to follow this trip down the lane of memories in real time, you know it has shed new light on just what defined the dynasty that dominated fandom during the 1990s.  

Unfortunately, for those in Rip City, it’s also forced Blazermaniacs to relive some painful memories. 

In Week1, the Portland Trail Blazers had to live down the 1984 selection of Sam Bowie over Jordan. And on Sunday, in Week 3, Clyde Drexler and anyone who ever awoke in a cold sweat because of “The Shrug” got to hear MJ’s official take on the matter. 

(See: below. Pretty: It ain’t.)

If this Jordan docuseries has piqued your interest, there are some books you need in your life. There are pieces of journalism and storytelling out there that deserve attention, and if you haven’t read up on MJ by now, what better time than when you’re stuck inside? 

I’ve even heard there’s a link available that helps you buy books while supporting local workers at the same time. Nice. 

At this point—regardless of what MJ’s tone and quotes may say—we’re in a time where celebrating may be more appropriate than debating. I can hear the keyboard wizards and barstool debaters scoffing from here, but whether Mike, Kobe, LeBron…or maybe Air Jordan versus The Glide…appreciating the game’s history might make us bigger fans today. 

That’s something that couldn’t hurt while we look for things to feel good about. 

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  1. Funny how to me the episode 5 was the worse so far. I really enjoyed how they were portraying the Bulls team in the first four episodes and then unfortunately it turned intoa air Jordan marketing, making it sound like he won those finals by himself. Also the description of the ’92 finals was brushed off really quickly and forgot to mention important stuff, like the fact that Drexler was injured at the time and needed surgery* (and never really recovered from that injury) and that it was actually the Bulls bench that clinched the game 6.


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