American Football And Betting


While the rest of the world pays attention to American footballonly when the prestigious Super Bowl roar into life, the US, on the other hand, is engaged in the sport all year round from watching and following regular season college games to watching and following the glamorous National Football League(NFL). A lot of people online enjoy football gambling or as the Indonesian say Judi Bola to enhance the viewer experience. This added element helps the massively popular sport be even more exciting.

While it’s no secret that American football is highly popular in the US, in recent times, data released by different sporting bodies show that the popularity of the sport has significantly increased to unprecedented levels in the past couple of years. As such, in this article, we explore the reasons why American football has grown in recent times.

Why People Bet Online on American Football

It’s been revealed that most spectators find a sport appealing if they manage to get ‘engaged’. In the past, the only form of engagement that was available to punters was going to stadiums to watch games live in action. During the live games, spectators would shout, scream, yell, and sing as a way of engaging with the players on the field of play. However, thanks to technology, a new form of ‘engagement’ wasintroduced i.e. online sports betting. Online sports betting, or to be more precise, in-play betting, allows punters to feel as if they are part of the action. As such, many players are now flocking to bet on American football online as they know that they can fully engage with the sport in a virtual setting.

Further to this, the added benefits of making some profits from simply predicting final score lines have made those who have some knowledge of American football to devote much of their time in following the sport with the hope that they can improve their gambling fortunes. Moreover, gambling success stories (of players winning hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars) has forced the hands of those who had little interest in American football before to flock to the sport in the hope that they too will land some big wins. Therefore, American football betting has and continues to play a key role in attracting more people to the sport.

Though many US states were rather scepticalof embracing sports betting at first, a growing number of states are now pushing for legalization. Already, quite a few states gave permission to sports betting with live football betting available now in New Jersey. The decision was takenby the US Supreme Court earlier in 2018 to lift a 25-year-oldfederal law, including the PASPA that prohibited sports betting outside Nevada which significantly helped in opening up spacefor sports betting.

Economization of American Football

When talking aboutAmerican football, the Super Bowl is the first thing that comes to mind. The reason behind this is simply based on the fact that American football has been heavily economized,especially the NFL and of course the Super Bowl. The economization of the Super Bowl means that people who previously had no interest in American football will follow the event as they would want to watch musical performances from their favourite artists. Many of those who tune in to do so tend to be wooed by the action on the pitch (sport wise) hence they fall in love with the sport.

Tech and Globalization

In days gone by, American football was non-existent in many countries across the globe, not because people didn’t love it, but becausemany did not know about the sport in general. With the advent of the internet and its benefits such as globalization, American football started to reach all corners of the world. In doing so, many fell in love with the sport and started following it closely. It is these new followers who are adding to the popularity of American football on an international level.


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