A Primer To Australian Rules Betting And Odds

Australian Rules Football is a popular game in Australia. It is a contact sport played on an oval ground with two teams of 18 players. According to experts like Bluebet, you will find many people betting on the outcomes of the game. Here we have discussed important aspects of Australian Betting and Odds.

Australian Rules Teams 

Richmond – Nicknamed as the Tigers, this team is a professional Australian Rules football club. The team was able to break the drought of winning in 2016/17 after making changes to the players and the coaching staff. They achieved five straight wins in 2017. The team showed some impressive performance in 2020 and finished in the top four of the consecutive season. 

West Coast– Nicknamed as Eagles, the team did not achieve any significant wins at the beginning of 2020. However, they have managed to make a comeback and have recovered their 5th place after winning the game by 12-5 in Round 18.

Collingwood-Nicknamed as Magpies, the team made tremendous progress in 2017-2018. The team scored many wins and jumped to 3rd position in 2018. The team finished at the 8th position at the end of the home-and-away season. 

Adelaide –is one of the dark horses in AFL. The team’s performance was dismal in 2019, which disappointed its fans.  

Brisbane– Also known as the Lions, they started 2019 with a good number of wins. The team could upset the rival’s winning streak. The Brisbane AFL team has some good young players and a good coach. 

Melbourne– Nicknamed as the Demons, the Melbourne AFL team has the best mid-field players. Many bettors think the team could register good wins if the team managed to score a good number of goals to win the game. 

How to Place Bets on Australian Rules football?

Over and Under Bettors– People who bet on the Over require the game’s total score to go over. If the number is anything less than that, the person betting on the Under is the winner. Since there is no extra time in the game except finals, the bettors are paid on both teams’ total scores added together.

Spread Betting– On a platform like Bluebet, spread betting is also referred to as “line” betting. In spread betting, bettors bet on the various outcomes of the game. The payout is based on the accuracy of the bet and not on the loss or win outcome. 

Winning Margin – In a winning margin bet, the bettor places bets on how many goals each team will score. To win the bet, you need to predict the winning team and also the winning margin. 

1st Goalscorer– It is one of the popular forms of betting in Aussie Rules. In this type of betting, the bettor places a wager on which player will score the match’s first goal. The 1st goalscorer betting also allows a bettor to wager on 1stgoalscorer of both teams. 

Money Line – it is the simplest form of betting in Aussie Rules. The bettor bets on the outcome of the game by predicting the winning team. It is represented in positive and negative values. 

Pick – In “Pick”, none of the teams are favored. The money line is equal for both teams, and the spread is zero. The plunger needs to predict the winner of the game.

To sum up, by following the tips given you can win huge by placing bets on the Aussie Rules game.