A Journey Through Sports And Cable Television During The Pandemic

Last Saturday, I felt like I was living the American dream. I watched sports, comedy, and YouTube intermittently, while jostling for that just-right position against my white bedroom wall. Sometimes we all just need a space to relax, and this was my moment of zen before returning to the work week.

There’s just something so American about being able to flick around multiple stations, in search of that perfect show at the perfect moment. For me, I stumbled upon the “The Wayans Bros.” and I knew what I had to do. It happened to be the episode where “Pops” suffers from an embarrassing bout with hemorrhoids. But It didn’t really matter the episode, I had a feeling this was exactly what I needed.

It could’ve been “Modern Family”, the NFL, or “American Ninja Warrior,” or really anything. We all have our favorites. It’s like pairing the perfect beer with the right pizza—sometimes it just hits.

After a couple more cheap laughs, the “The Wayans Bros.” concluded, and I was off to my next venture on ROOT SPORTS.

I switched over to the Mariners’ game sometime in-between the 5th and 6th inning, and the M’s were holding onto a 2-0 lead. Yusei Kikuchi was tossing an absolute gem, and it looked like Seattle was going to hold on to a victory.

More on that later…

The top half of the inning ended and I was faced with a difficult choice. Should I keep watching the M’s, or dive deeper into the endless vortex that is cable television. I plunged deeper, and found myself immersed in the last three minutes of the Seattle Storm game.

Breanna Stewart and Co. were in the midst of holding off a feisty comeback attempt by Candace Parker and the Los Angeles Sparks.

I only caught the last couple minutes of action, but seeing basketball on my screen brought up feelings of normalcy.

A sense of gratitude captivated my body, and I later realized, I may have taken little moments like these for granted in the past. Living in this country there really is so much to be grateful for.

Yes, we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, job uncertainty, and political misfirings. But really look around, our country is still one of the most amazing places on planet earth.

We’re not perfect and there are still many wrongs to be righted, but things may be trending in the right direction. Hence, the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Anywho …

The Storm game ended, and my journey now consisted of “Key & Peele” sketches, the Lakers vs. Raptors, and “Logic” music videos. But I ultimately finished my night listening to the Mariners game in the background while enjoying some dinner.

Seattle was at that point in the midst of a 2-2 tie and ended up losing the contest in extra innings…

There’s nothing more American than that.

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