7 Important Qualities Of A Good Sportsbook

Sports betting is a time-honored tradition. Millenniums ago, people placed bets on horse racing. It was a favorite pastime that birthed the rise of bookmakers. With the introduction of different sports, sportsbooks have become a crucial part of sports betting. Due to its popularity and high revenue generation, many states are now legalizing gambling, making the industry a fast-rising part of society.

The Greeks introduced sports betting, and it was through the Olympics. The event was held to appease Zeus, a Greek god. However, people would bet on the outcome of competitions to win profits. The game lasted for years, stopping in 393 AD, when Theodosius I, a Christian and the Roman Emperor at the time, banned it to abolish Paganism in Rome. The Olympics was revived in Athens, with many games joining the quadrennial sporting event. Thousands of people now bet on these sports.

According to the American Gaming Association’s prediction, in 2022, 18.2 million American Adults will place bets on traditional sports online with a retail bookmaker, which is a staggering 78% increase from 2021. The availability of many credible bookmakers, such as FanDuel sportsbook, online and offline, has contributed to this statistic.

What are Sportsbooks?

Sportsbooks, also known as bookmakers or bookies, describe a person, company, or an establishment that accepts bets on sporting events. Bettors can wager on popular competitions from basketball, football, and mixed martial arts, to less popular ones like fencing and archery.

You can place your bets with them in return for profits; this is when you make the right prediction. Bookies are available online and offline, and they are open to almost all sports. However, bettors should consider certain factors and qualities before choosing a bookmaker. This article will address the characteristics you should look out for.

Features to Consider Before Choosing a Bookmaker

Bookmakers differ in many aspects. It is advisable to compare before registering with one. While it is easy to register with any bookie, you might be missing out on other sites and outlets with better offers.

If you want the best experience with sports betting, these are some factors to consider before going with a sportsbook:

1. Are They Licensed?

Licensed and regulated sports bookies are a safe bet for bettors that fear the risk of fraud. When a sportsbook is licensed, they are automatically governed by certain rules and regulations that ensure that punters are safe from dupery and extortion.

Some of the creditable licensing bodies a bookmaker must be registered with are; Curacao Gaming Licenseand Malta Gaming Authority. There are other numerous reliable license organizations; it depends on the bookmakers’ locality.

Knowing that your transactions are safe, your winnings will be given, and they will not reveal your information to third parties will further solidify your trust and relationship with bookies.

2. Diverse Betting Options

One thing that attracts bettors to gambling sites is the array of sports betting options available. However, some sportsbooks provide limited game options due to the belief that gamblers only bet on some particular sports. This assumption is not true.

While popular sports have more fans than the less popular ones, it does not mean that they have no bettors willing to wager on the games. Lower competitions of popular sporting events also get ignored by some bookies. The best betting sites or outlets should have various options for punters.

3. Is the Company’s Website User Friendly?

With the introduction of technology trends, online bookmakers are rapidly increasing. This means that most operators have a website. User-friendly platforms are essential to reduce stress for bettors.

Betting apps should make sign-up and site navigation easy for customers. If you spend a lot of time signing up on the site or have difficulty placing bets, you should refrain from using the bookie. You are more likely to make betting mistakes with sites that are not straightforward. Bettors that appreciate hitch-free wagering are wary of betting sites with poor website quality.

4. Accessibility of Websites on Different Devices

With many online sportsbook operators available, bettors can place bets from anywhere in the world without the restriction of physical boundaries.

There are various devices to bet from, including smartphones, PCs, tablets, and more. A good betting website should be accessible from all devices.

If a bookmaker does not offer this service, you should reconsider signing up with them, as they might restrict you from placing your bets. You don’t want to miss out on a huge payday because your sportsbook won’t allow you to make your bet.

5. Good Customer Service

One of the exceptional services of a digital business is online support for users. A great way to be exceptional as a bookmaker is by offering a premium and efficient customer support service. Through this, users will be able to reach them with ease to get answers to questions or solve some problems regarding betting or payments. Users may even reach out to sort issues with betting options, how to understand odds and lines, and other related questions.

Punters acknowledge sportsbooks with a good client support service team as reliable companies. This also improves company-client relationships.

6. Flexible Payment Options

Before deciding which bookie to go for, consider if they are not rigid with payment options. If you are going for an online betting company, confirm if they allow modern payment options like PayPal, Bitcoin, or any other kind of electronic payment.

If you’re opting for an offline bookmaker, you can also confirm if they allow payment through checks or other flexible payment methods. If they allow these, you can easily bet, deposit, and withdraw your money with ease.

7. Live Betting and Streaming Services

Live betting is another perk of the technologically-advanced world we live in. Live betting options allow punters to place their bets while the game is ongoing.

This is a good addition to internet sports betting as astute punters can observe the games and predict better outcomes in real-time. A sportsbook website with this feature is always a great option.


Modern sportsbooks have made betting on sports easier. Apart from expanding the betting markets and options, they also offer bonuses and other perks for loyal punters.

Choosing a good bookmaker is the foundation to being successful at betting, so you must make the right choice. By comparing qualities like payment options, license, betting options, and other qualities, you will be able to make the right call.