5 Ways Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Can Benefit Your Lifestyle

Mixed martial arts (MMA) has seen plenty of progression since its origins in ancient Greece. Even in modern times, MMA has a much better reputation than it once did. The rules have been cleaned up, the techniques refined, and the benefits made more clear. “Jiu Jitsu isn’t just about fighting or improving physical health,” says Elite MMA, a company that offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Houston. “It improves multiple facets of life on physical, emotional, and mental levels.” 

Furthermore, BJJ isn’t just a sport that’s been popularized by the likes of the Gracie family; it’s a lifestyle that will completely transform the way you carry out your day-to-day. It has become a way of life for many practitioners because of the wide array of benefits it offers. With that in mind, here are five ways Brazilian jiu jitsu can benefit your lifestyle: 

Better Self-Defense

Of course, better self-defense is an obvious benefit to learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Self defense is a necessary skill for both men and women. In fact contrary to what many people think, 1 out of 10 men are victim to physical or sexual assault at least once in their lifetime. Learning new techniques and defensive strategies allows you to feel more comfortable in your skin. 

Knowing how to protect yourself in the event of an unfortunate circumstance can be truly life changing. And because Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is considered a “gentle” art, this means that size rarely plays a factor. The techniques used here are smart, swift, and powerful; no matter who your competitor is, or what gender they are, the right moves are what matters. 


Brazilian jiu jitsu teaches you patience. In this art form, patience is much more than just a virtue. For example, you need to exercise patience as you learn to see improvements. The harsh reality is, input effort isn’t always proportional with output results. Even when you’re working hard day in and day out, it can take time to feel comfortable with your skills. 

Here, you’ll learn that patience means the difference between panicking and breathing. Each day you show up to class, you become more and more patient. This doesn’t just affect you in class, but outside of class, too. You’ll learn patience in the real world because you understand that instant gratification is rarely possible, and when it is, it doesn’t always feel as good as something you worked very hard for and can be proud of

Weight Loss

Brazilian jiu jitsu targets every muscle in your body, and after just a few sessions, chances are you’ll start to notice the difference. Just a single 30-45 minute live roll session is enough to replace the gym. For many people, weight loss is a major hurdle because going to the gym and exercising constantly leaves your mind on one thing: losing weight. This can prove overwhelming for many people, as they struggle to keep their minds on the mission while counting calories lost and miles ran. With an athlete endeavor like jiu jitsu, you can have fun learning a skill, and find yourself losing weight before you know it.  

Increased Self-Confidence

Naturally, BJJ puts you outside of your comfort zone. Each time you go up against another individual, you know you run the risk of “losing” but you keep trying to continuously improve. Time after time, your skillset is humbled, and you learn a little more. With patience and practice, you learn the various ways to escape a situation and win a match. This increases your confidence, as you can see your lessons coming into fruition each time you succeed AND each time you see that you need more work. 

Stress Release

There are several alarming statistics about stress and how it affects our minds and bodies. The majority of people are impacted by stress, which remains the basic cause of about 60% of human illnesses. Many people don’t understand the proper tactics and strategies necessary to relieve some of that stress, but Jiu Jitsu (as well as other forms of martial arts) is a great releaser. But why does this happen? 

For starters, when are active, your body releases endorphins; the chemical in your body that gives you feelings of happiness. But it also allows you to escape the basic conundrums of everyday life. When you’re in class, you’re focusing on your instructor and learning to do new things with your mind and body. This ability to be in the present moment and redirect your thoughts from the problems causing you stress can make all the difference. Over time, you’ll learn more about being aware and in the moment. And lastly, it can be cathartic. A bit of intense sparring might be just what you need to let off some steam and feel better.