3 Exciting Sports You Can Do In A Wheelchair

There are many sports you can play in a wheelchair. Sure, it takes training and, sometimes, adjusting the rules of the game, but you can get active in many ways. So, which sports are worth exploring? Find your ideal activity in this list of exciting sports you can do in a wheelchair. 


Wheelchair users don’t have to miss out on the competitive fun of tennis—they can take their chairs onto a normal tennis court without worry. You can play singles or doubles with other players in wheelchairs, but that’s not your only option. Tennis is one sport that wheelchair and non-wheelchair users can play together. No rules adjustments necessary—just a desire to get active and have fun on the court. 


Another beloved sport that you can enjoy in a wheelchair is basketball. In the decades that this accessible sport has been around, it’s grown to be one of the most popular sports for wheelchair users. It’s not entirely the same as non-wheelchair basketball in some ways. For example, traveling is different. If you want to enjoy the fast pace and teamwork involved with basketball, search your local area for players you can join on the court today. 


Even soccer has become one of the most exciting sports you can play in a wheelchair. This is a 5v5 sport that differs from its non-wheelchair counterpart in a few significant ways. For example, this version of the game uses an oversized soccer ball. In addition, playing soccer in wheelchairs doesn’t happen on a soccer field; it happens on a basketball court.

As you can see, there are various familiar sports you can enjoy in your wheelchair. That said, if you’re new to these sports, make sure to plan your transportation, especially if you’re traveling far for an event or tournament. There are useful tips for traveling with a wheelchair to learn for a smooth trip. So, which sport are you ready to try out right now?