15 Essential Carp Fishing Items

For you all fishing lovers, this is for you. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or just starting out, the following 15 items will be must-haves to ensure your carp fishing experiences are very successful.

The first essential item that you should take with you when fishing is your baiting needle and boilie drill. A baiting needle comes in very handy when getting your lugworms on your hook. A boilie drill can be used to add a section of pop-up foam or a piece of cork for buoyancy to balance the weight of the hook to make a slow sinking bait.

Your second essential item is a catapult. A robust catapult designed with a pouch is an idea for firing boilies and other items at a range of 50+ yards to entice the fish to swim in your direction. Moving onto the third item of must-haves and we have the head torch. A discrete LED lamp fastened to your head with a sturdy strap to ensure it stays on your head and doesn’t come loose or slip off. This item makes night fishing expeditions far more enjoyable. Now you don’t have to worry about balancing lights in problematic positions or trying to juggle a lamp, a fishing rig, and your fishing baits all at the same time.

A marker float is your next essential item. To figure out the land beneath the surface, this little tool is what you need to place your bait more accurately, therefore give you more of a chance to catch more fish. Along with this handy tool, you will definitely need a camping multi tool. Whether you are cutting line, unhooking a fish or sharpening your hooks, this multi-purpose tool will be your best friend whilst on your fishing trip.

If you love to use a spod (bait rocket) when on your carp fishing adventures, you will need a rod that is designed to cast a heavier weight over far distances. A spod rod is designed for exactly this! This rod will stand up to repeated use. Although they can be quite pricey, you are better off investing in one of these as this will enhance your fishing experience.

PVA bags are essential when fishing. PVA bags are very strong when dry so are great at carrying pellets, but when wet, they dissolve. Therefore, when using your PVA bags in the water, you don’t have to worry about harming any fish.

Moving onto the next essential fishing item. When on your fishing expeditions, you must carry batteries with you. A lot of your fishing gear is powered by batteries such as your electronic scales, camera, and head torch. The batteries you have in your equipment may be very close to dying, therefore you may have to replace them while you are out. With spare batteries, you are able to do this, however, if you don’t have spares, you will have to cut your fishing experience short.

A camping stove is a brilliant item to have with you whist fishing. A single burner camp stove that runs on butane is ideal for overnight or all-day carp fishing and will allow you to heat up a snack. You might want to think about investing in a more substantial camping stove that enables you to cook complete meals for those longer stays. In order to enjoy the great meal you’ve just cooked on your camping stove, you have to have a few comfy adirondack chairs, or at least one good bed chair. Comfort is key when it comes to carp fishing.

Bite alarms are highly helpful when carp fishing. They allow you to sit back and relax whilst the bite alarms do the job for you. They will let you know when your reel moves to tell you that you’ve caught a fish.

Along with your comfy chair, it is essential to have a sleeping bag for ultimate comfort on your night fishing trips. A good night’s sleep is always necessary unless you are looking to party the night away! Once you’ve caught your fish, you need to ensure the fish doesn’t fall from your hook when you reel it in. This is why a net is a must-have. Ensure you get your catch by using your fishing net to safely bring the fish ashore. At this point, you’ve caught the fish and brought it to sure. Now it is time to unhook your fish. This is where the unhooking mat comes into play. You can use the unhooking mat to safely place the carp down and remove the hook from your catch using your multi-tool.

Moving onto the last fishing essential and how could we not include a trustee pair of binoculars. Although not all anglers will consider a pair of binoculars is an essential piece of kit, they have managed to sneak into the last position as they are a very useful item for spotting movements on the water’s surface caused by fish. Additionally, having a pair of fishing sunglasses would be beneficial too, especially on a summer’s day where the sun may make seeing the fish a little harder than usual.

With all 15 essentials and a bonus tip, you will ensure your fishing experience is second to none and get the most out of your fishing trips.

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