10 Times Sports And Stand-Up Comedy Became One

When I heard Major League Baseball might return, I was so excited by this exhilarating phantom prospect of revamped leagues, and the possibility of nonstop double and perhaps triple header game days, that I started laughing uncontrollably.

I went through the whole “I’m not crying—you’re crying” routine. Then I felt I should wonder why it all seemed so funny? Maybe it wasn’t funny, and the cumulative social isolation was just mounting—and getting very weird for me? And for all of us too? Probably a little of both, I’m guessing I imagine. 

Therefore, until any of this becomes clear and real, and because it’s not time again to watch ESPN stream the KBO overnight, here is a fresh and unranked list of ten stand-up comedy, sports sketch and bits, asides and stories, full episodes and great essays, and entertainment to watch, all while safe at home. 

1. George Carlin – Baseball vs. Football Terminology 

2. Robin Williams – Golf 

3. Bert Kreischer – Attending Ralph Sampson’s Villanova basketball camp 

4. Nate Bargatze – Arriving four and a half hours early for a Vanderbilt football game 

5. The full Malcolm in the Middle NASCAR episode 

6. Dave Chappelle – Meeting OJ Simpson 

7. Jim Gaffigan – On The Slopes 

8. Bill Burr – (while on Conan) Contrarian Sports Fan 

9. David Foster Wallace – Describing the action after he entered a clay pigeon shotgun competition on a cruise ship, from the essay, “A Supposedly Fun Thing I Will Never Do Again.”

10. Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm – The entire Bill Buckner episode Bonus: Bartolo Colon’s first major league home run at Petco Park.

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