There Is Nothing New In The NBA Western Conference


Although the whole state of Oregon believed in a comeback after being down 0-3, Golden State Warriors made their 5th consecutive NBA finals. There were certain doubts when Kevin Durant got injured, how will they look without the main point guard? But, Golden State Warriors have proved their class once again. They won series against Portland Trail Blazers 4-0 and gave themselves a lot of time to prepare for the grand finals. Fatigue is also a very significant factor in this part of the season. There is almost no player which currently does not have at least some minor injury. But this is what is Playoff all about – be the best when it is the hardest. Just like Stephen Curry was in the series against Portland. He didn’t try to hide it selves behind KD, but decided to take the thing in his own hands and played some great basketball in 4 game span. The x factor of Warriors clean sweep was Draymond Green. Draymond proved once again that his basketball IQ reaches the sky. It is really a pleasure to watch Draymond’s Pick and Roll skills in combination with Steph Curry. Defence literally decides which one should punish them, if you tighten the defence on  Draymond, it is very likely that Steph is going to hit the Three. If you decide to apply pressure on Stephens Three pointer, Green is going to dunk it easily.

On the Eastern Conference, there is not as clean picture as on the West. Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks are really fighting they way to the grand finals. We had great games so far, game 3, which the Toronto Raptors won in double Overtime was really emotional roller coaster game. Kawhi Leonard continued to play awesome basketball during the Playoffs. He scored 36 points in game 3. On the other side, Giannis had a decent game as well, the biggest problem in his game was free throw conversion. Although he stated a few weeks ago that he likes to be at the free throw line, he really didn’t look comfortable there. He managed to score only 2 of 6 free throw attempts. Also, although he worked on his 3 point shooting during the last summer, it is more than obvious that it is not his strength. He pulled 3 shots and was nowhere near to score them. 

In our betting analysis, we are going to keep focus at the Game 5 of this series, which is going to be played on Thursday 23rd at the Milwaukee Bucks home court. Before we start the analysis, it is not bad to mention that there are some great NBA betting offers for 2019, where you can take most of your money.

Here are some of our betting predictions:

Milwaukee Bucks – Toronto Raptors           

Milwaukee to win @1/2 (1.5) [Bet365]

Milwaukee Bucks – Toronto Raptors           

Milwaukee to win by 6-12 point margin @3/1 (4.00) [Bet365]

Milwaukee Bucks – Toronto Raptors        

Team Totals Over 213.5 @5/6 (1.85) [Bet365]

Milwaukee Bucks – Toronto Raptors        

Milwaukee Bucks Total 107.5 Over @5/6 (1.85) [Bet365]

Kyle Lowry                             

Player to score 22.5  Over @5/6 (1.85) [Bet365]

Giannis Antetokoumpo                 

Player to score 23.5     Over @5/6 (1.85) [Bet365]

Kawhi Leonard                                  

Player to score 27.5 Over @5/6 (1.85) [Bet365]

Chris Middleton                     

Player to score 15.5     Over @5/6 (1.85) [Bet365]

NBA 2019th Playoffs thought us that Milwaukee Bucks are very strong at the home court. They lost only one game at their court, against Boston Celtics. It is important to say that they really didn’t look like themselves at that game, and they quickly forgot about it and won all 4 games until the end of that round. They are playing very fast basketball in their Fiserv Forum. Toronto Raptors also love to play transitional basketball and that suggests us that we could have a really efficient game here. Game 3 showed us that those 2 teams are close to each other when we talk about quality. It is highly possible that we are going to have another free throw finish, where many points are scored in a short period of time. 

However this series is finished, it looks more than likely that Golden State Warriors will not have troubles in the finals, so odds of 1.4 are very nice if you are about to risk greater amount of the money.

Enjoy the games, and please keep in mind: risk only money you can afford to lose. Have fun!


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