Royce Freeman

Oregon Becoming More Than Just Marcus Mariota

There was only one disappointing moment for Oregon on Saturday. Before the Ducks took the field, when everyone was looking at the Autzen Stadium scoreboard to see the traditional playing of the “The Pick.” “The Pick,” as we know it, never played. Sure, part of Jerry Allen’s iconic call blasted out of the end-zone speakers, […]

Ducks Huskies

Oregon Duck Football And The Money Game

By any standards, The Wall Street Journal is a go-to source for money matters. What happens when they start looking at money spent on college football? It’s still money, so what’s not to trust? Last week the WSJ produced a list of football spending by the top ten ranked teams. By now you know Oregon […]

Ducks Huskies

Ridley’s College Football Rankings – Week Eight

Where do I start after an action-packed weekend? Do I go with the undressing that West Virginia gave Baylor, effectively ending the Big 12’s shot at a national title? Do I talk about Alabama ending any and all talk of Kenny “No Thrill” Hill (Kenny “One Hill Wonder” is still my personal favorite) being the […]

Ducks Huskies

It’s Time For The Oregon Ducks To Find Their Spirit

Oregon got well against UCLA last Saturday. The Ducks thought they were in trouble last week, but then they got a good long look at the Bruins and decided that they’d be just okay. 42-30 was the final score, but this game was over five minutes into the third quarter. UCLA’s only victory against Oregon […]

The Pick

The Oregon-Washington Rivalry – Never Enough Humble Pie

Tomorrow marks the 107TH meeting between the Oregon Ducks and Washington Huskies football teams. You’re reading that correctly, the 107th, this thing goes all the way back to when men’s glee clubs led the cheers and sang songs to the crowd, well before Universities had loud-speakers let alone stadiums. And while most current-gen Oregon fans […]

Arizona State

Abe Asher’s College Football Picks – Week Eight

With another bonkers week of college football behind us, we’ve reached that point where nothing – for instance, the alleged uncovering of a giant pay-for-autograph ring that could knock out every Heisman contender until 2018 – is surprising. Last week was rough for me in the picks. I had a 7-4 record, my worst in […]

Mississippi State

Ridley’s College Football Rankings – Week Seven

There’s a popular saying in sports that says, “To be the best, you have to beat the best.” Luckily for Mississippi State, this does not apply to college football, where the saying would more likely read, “To be the best, you must look like you could to beat the best.” Despite Florida State winning again, […]

Ducks Arizona

Oregon Ducks Down But Not Out Of College Football Playoff Chase

While the dream of an undefeated season came crashing down in shocking fashion for the formerly #2 ranked Oregon Ducks last Thursday night, all is not lost. Well, not yet, at least. For the second week in a row, the Oregon football team has looked like a shell of its former self. Typically a team […]

College Gameday

Abe Asher’s College Football Picks – Week Seven

In what week could I correctly call the Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Arizona State upsets and still only go 9-4? Maybe the greatest Saturday in college football history. Last Saturday was spectacular. Everything happened. It was Mississippi’s biggest day since the fall of Vicksburg. Records fell almost as fast as top-10 teams. Katy Perry […]

Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota – Let Him Play His Game

Anyone who watched the Oregon Ducks lose to Arizona on Thursday night had to see one glaring mistake. Make that two. Okay, three. Marcus Mariota is called the best college football player in America. The experts calling him out know what they’re talking about. You can’t call someone the best and mean “the best, except […]

Alabama v Mississippi

Ridley’s College Football Rankings – Week Six

What a difference a week makes. Last week, we saw just two ranked teams fall, both in relatively unsurprising fashion.  This week? Not so much. An astounding 11 ranked teams lost, eight of which fell at the hands of lower or unranked teams. Some, like Oregon and USC, lost in late agonizing fashion. Others, like […]

Arizona v Oregon

Meowza! Arizona Wildcats Take Down The Oregon Ducks

Well, those big bad kitty cats did it again. It’s not so much stunning that Oregon lost to Arizona – a solid team by all accounts. It’s that it happened in Autzen Stadium. After a bye week. At the 100th straight sellout crowd nonetheless, according to If you’ll remember, Oregon (ranked No. 5 at […]