Mark Helfrich

Oregon Football Coach Mark Helfrich Needs To Be Seen And Heard In 2014

Quick – describe Mark Helfrich in five words. Quiet? Smart? Company man? Oregonian? Do you know or are you guessing? Here’s what we have for sure: Helfrich is from Medford. He was a college quarterback at Southern Oregon, where he was a popular and influential leader in a school community that was struggling to settle […]

Michigan State Spartans

Michigan State Spartans Versus Oregon Ducks Preview

With the 2014-15 season starting next Saturday, all eyes in Eugene are on the Oregon Ducks’ September 6 matchup with Michigan State at Autzen Stadium – a game which could potentially be Oregon’s toughest of the season. Of the Ducks’ 12 games this season, they are facing four teams in the pre-season top-25: #7 UCLA, […]

Mark Helfrich

Oregon Ducks Football Goes All. The. Way.

By the end of each football season it’s easy to say the last team standing was the clear pick. Choose Alabama early and it’s hard to go wrong. Florida State? They’re the returning national champ and the returning Heisman Trophy winner. And here comes Oregon. Around here we’ve expected the Ducks to go all the […]

College Football Trophy

32 Things To Watch For In The New College Football Season

We’re now only a couple of Saturdays removed from the start of the 2014 college football season, otherwise known as the reason people don’t get too depressed at the end of summer. There are changes aplenty for the new season, here’s a completely non-sequitur guide of 32 things to watch for. 1. The New Playoff […]

Chip Kelly

It’s Okay To Change Teams For Chip Kelly

Off-season training works for players and fans. As a fourteen year old I met a few Dallas Cowboys with my brothers, my dad, and my granddad. We’ve all been Cowboy fans ever since, from the late Sixties until now. Our kids are all fans. It’s been a great ride with Super Bowl wins and losses, […]

Tyler Johnstone

Welcome To Training Camp, Where Fear And Optimism Go Hand And Hand

Yes, football is back, and with it come the mixed emotions of hope for the future and fear of what may or may not happen to some of the players you and your team are depending on for success during the upcoming season. As much as I love and look forward to football every year, […]

Lyle Alzado

Stretch Before Football Season

Across every sports spectrum, except soccer, you hear the same thing in August. “Are you ready for some football?” The fans are ready to go rabid, the ex-players, the has-beens, and the never was-ers. It’s the time of year when everyone is great, everyone’s a champion, and even people who’ve never played the game tape […]

Mike Moser

Which Oregon Prospects Could Land On NBA Rosters For The 2014-2015 Season?

Eric Moreland, Oregon State – averaged 8.8 rebounds and 2.7 blocks in just 19.6 minutes per game for the Las Vegas summer league champion Sacramento Kings. The Kings have signed Eric Moreland after his performance in Las Vegas. Moreland fits a need for the Kings. He provides rim protection, something they have been looking to […]

Ducks Basketball Court

Oregon Coaching Scandals

When athletes get paid huge sums of money to play their game, people pay attention. Money draws eyes to see if they’re worth it. The other side of the coin is behavior beyond sports. Of course we love our heroes, but when they do more, when they move beyond the norm, their greatness multiplies. It […]

Mike Bellotti

Mike Bellotti – Gone And Nearly Forgotten

Mike Bellotti is a hall of famer. That’s right, as of last week, the former University of Oregon head football coach was voted into the College Football Hall of Fame by the National Football Foundation.  He left Oregon as the winningest coach in school history, the first coach in program history to win 10 games […]

Colt Lyerla

Colt Lyerla – Respect Your Elders

As a youngster and throughout life, I’ve heard an infinite amount of people preach and echo that sentiment.  You can’t put a price on wisdom, and wisdom is attained primarily via experience … something elders can’t help but have.  Colt Lyerla could use a little wisdom right now, and had he listened to his elders […]

Oregon Ducks Spring Football

Spring Football – It’s Over … Thankfully

Phew … thank goodness that’s over. That’s right, while few rarely, if ever, have their football thirst quenched, I can’t get spring drills, practices, and yes, even the game in my rearview mirror fast enough. Sure, it’s football, and I and seemingly everyone else in this country is knee-deep in love with the excitement, passion, […]

Alabama Championship

College Football Playoff – Changing The Status Quo?

The 2014 NCAA football season will be the first to have the new, untested playoff system. It is something fans have wanted for years. Since the creation of the BCS in 1998 there has been very few seasons where the fans and the media could agree the champion was also the best team in the […]

Little Brown Jug

New PAC-12 Rivalry Trophies

Since the Little Brown Jug is the oldest rivalry trophy in college football, why not bring more ceramic awards to the big games? Ceramics were good enough for the ancient Greeks and still tell their stories. Instead of wood or metal, ceramic trophies embody both the power and fragility of modern sports. Games bring out […]