Utah Utes

Abe Asher’s Week Four College Football Picks

Hi there – it’s week four of the college football season, and things are heating up. I went a 10-4 in the picks last week that looks a lot better than it was, bringing my season tally up to 28-10. Here are the picks. Auburn 37, Kansas State 31 – True or false: Everyone at […]

The Hangover

Pac-12 Hangover – Week Three

Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Two weekends ago, the Big 10 Conference went down like the Hindenburg. Michigan State lost at Oregon, Ohio State lost at home to an unranked Virginia Tech team who’d lose to Eastern Carolina a week later, and various others the likes of Michigan, Purdue, and Nebraska either did […]

Mark Helfrich

Buying Into The Mark Helfrich Oregon Ducks Era

A lot of things come to mind when you think of Chip Kelly and his Oregon Ducks teams. His innovative hurry-up-no-huddle offense, the intense practices with blaring music, his dry, sarcastic wit with reporters; all were big parts of what he brought to the table during his 4 years running the show in Eugene. However, […]

Iowa Iowa State

Abe Asher’s Week Three College Football Picks

It’s week three of the college football picks. Rejoice. Last week I went a mediocre 7-3, helping Virginia Tech onto an upset victory over Ohio State with this genius bit of analysis: “Ohio State 41, Virginia Tech 23 – Remember when the Hokies were good? Seems like a long time ago now.” My season mark […]

Ducks Spartans

How To Help The Oregon Ducks Win

Football has so many gut references, it’s no wonder fans gorge like there’s no tomorrow on game days. A couple of the gut basics: Punch in the gut. When the offense runs through the defense on an important drive. Gut check? That’s what a team does after the other team runs through them on an […]

The Hangover

Pac-12 Hangover – Week Two

The Oregon Ducks made the first big statement for the Pac-12 Conference outside of it, while USC did the same against Stanford within it. Oregon stayed the course with a 19 point win over Sparty, simultaneously representing for the conference while smothering the hopes of another. As it turned out, it was just the first […]

Stanford USC

Abe Asher’s College Football Picks – Week Two

College football got off to a rather fantastic start in week one, which saw me go a redoubtable 11-3 in the picks. It would have been 12-2, mind you, but Wisconsin went and gagged away a 17-point second half lead against an LSU team with no quarterbacks in my big upset of the week. Thanks […]

Marcus Mariota

Paging Dr. Mariota

No matter how the Oregon Ducks’ football season turns out this year, I’m making a request for next year. It’s not too early, not after watching Duck quarterback Marcus Mariota’s 2014 debut where he showed us what to expect from a focus player. Mariota isn’t the only good Duck. The media makes it sound that […]

Oregon South Dakota

Four Good Reasons To Keep Watching While The Oregon Ducks Clobber South Dakota

There’s nothing quite like kicking off football season with a huge intersectional matchup between ranked teams to get the juices flowing. Matchups like Clemson vs Georgia, Florida State vs Oklahoma State, and Wisconsin vs LSU are the kind of games that even the most fair-weathered fan can get excited about. Unfortunately for Oregon Duck fans, […]

Royce Freeman

Pac-12 Walk-Thru Week One – And On The 7th Day, Royce Freeman Created …

It’s here. Gone is training camp, preseason hype, and prognostications about who is and isn’t good, and in its place are the games we’ve been waiting for since Florida State was crowned the long awaited final BCS Champion. That’s right, the BCS is no longer, and in its place lies the playoff most have clamored […]

Nick Saban

Abe Asher’s College Football Picks – Week One

Hide the women, hide the children – college football picks are back! This is the fourth year of the picks, and our second here on Oregon Sports News – which is to say that this space has almost as much history as Washington State football. College football begins in earnest today, so here are the […]

Mark Helfrich

Oregon Football Coach Mark Helfrich Needs To Be Seen And Heard In 2014

Quick – describe Mark Helfrich in five words. Quiet? Smart? Company man? Oregonian? Do you know or are you guessing? Here’s what we have for sure: Helfrich is from Medford. He was a college quarterback at Southern Oregon, where he was a popular and influential leader in a school community that was struggling to settle […]