Little Brown Jug

New PAC-12 Rivalry Trophies

Since the Little Brown Jug is the oldest rivalry trophy in college football, why not bring more ceramic awards to the big games? Ceramics were good enough for the ancient Greeks and still tell their stories. Instead of wood or metal, ceramic trophies embody both the power and fragility of modern sports. Games bring out […]

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Oregon Ducks’ Johnathan Loyd To Play Football

Over the past four years Johnathan Loyd has been playing point guard for the Oregon Ducks. A four-year starter, Loyd has finished his career as a Duck basketball player as the winningest player in the history of the University of Oregon with a record of 97-37. But now that his collegiate basketball career is over, […]

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The Chipper Clips An Eagle

The former Oregon Duck head coach and current top man with the Philadelphia Eagles was trending recently for cutting DeSean Jackson, Eagles wide receiver. Chip Kelly moved out of the football backwaters of New Hampshire for the launch pad of the Oregon Ducks before joining the Eagles. He jumped in the middle of a football team […]

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Second Round March Madness Live Chat

After spending the first Thursday of the NCAA Tournament frantically refreshing the SportsCenter app in the Houston airport and begging the shambolic March Madness Live to do its job, I am keeping a diary of Friday of the tournament – basking in the glory of some 12 straight hours of buzzer-beaters, shredded brackets, cheering for […]


Oregon Sports News March Madness Picks & Predictions

March Madness is officially ready to tip off with the Round of 64 running today and tomorrow, so we asked five of our writers to debate who they see as the tournament favorites, snubs, early underdog picks, biggest potential upset, and who they have as the best PAC-12 team in the tournament. OSN writers contributing […]


2014 Pac-12 Conference Tournament Preview

The Pac-12 conference tournament will be played in Las Vegas, Nevada. It kicks off today with 4 first round games. Check out the bracket here for a breakdown of the bracket and scheduled times. According to ESPN’s Eamonn Brennan, the Arizona Wildcats, UCLA Bruins, and Oregon Ducks are considered locks for the NCAA tournament. They […]


Oregon Ducks Men’s Basketball Team Getting Hot At The Right Time

With the Division I NCAA Men’s Basketball National Tournament around the corner, everyone will be checking the teams coming into the tournament on hot streaks.  Most often, the biggest indicator for success in the postseason in any sport is the success of the team in the final stretch of the regular season.  In 2007, the […]


Oregon Showed It Can Make A Deep Run – In Both Tourneys

As we enter tourney time – first the Pac-12 tournament and then the BIG dance – Oregon’s men’s basketball team showed it has enough talent to make some noise in both.  Of course the Pac-12 tournament pales in significance to the NCAA tourney, but success in both requires the same effort Oregon showed in winning […]


Pac-12 Men’s Basketball Yearly Awards

While the Pac-12 has been dominating the gridiron over the past few years, basketball has been falling by the wayside.  Arizona ran away with the conference title, and no other team in the conference was ranked going into yesterday.  However, several teams showed late season promise and poise.  Oregon toppled Arizona to finish conference play […]


NCAA Nixes Controversial Rule Change

On Wednesday, the NCAA Football Rules Committee removed the controversial “10-second rule” from voting consideration. The committee decided this a day before the rule was set to be voted on by a NCAA rules panel. The proposed rule would have made it illegal for offenses to snap the ball before a minimum of 10 seconds […]


Hopes Of The PAC-12 Riding On Arizona

Of all the major conferences in men’s college basketball, the PAC-12 is easily the most underachieving of them all. While the conference is currently being led by #3 Arizona, the drop off after the Wildcats is significant. In fact, the PAC-12 has no other currently ranked teams to challenge Arizona’s rule atop the standings. The […]


NCAA Can No Longer Credibly Call Its Athletes ‘Amateur’

Just like there is nothing stock in stock car racing, there is nothing amateur about National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) college football. What is it, then? NCAA college football is a multi-billion dollar business enterprise. It is conducted in all 50 states, scheduled across geographies demanding event planning, travel, legal contracts, paid employees, unions, hierarchies, […]


NCAA Tournament Berth On The Line For The Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks basketball has a tough stretch to finish off the season with games at UCLA, against Arizona State and #3 Arizona, as well as playing at one-conference-win-bottom-feeder USC. This final stretch of games will likely determine whether or not they make the NCAAT, bar winning the Pac-12 Tournament. At best, Oregon can finish 10-8 […]


Selection Sunday Looms Large For The Oregon Ducks

With only four games left in the regular season, the Oregon Ducks are sitting squarely on the bubble with Selection Sunday closing in fast. An 18-8 record at this point in the season is not where this team wants to be, especially considering how last season ended and how this season began. Last season saw […]