LaMarcus Aldridge

Portland Trail Blazers’ Future Rests In LaMarcus Aldridge’s Free-Agency Decision

Many players on the Portland Trail Blazers are beloved amongst fans. Wesley Matthews, who personified dependability and tenacity before his injury, is one of them. Quirky Robin Lopez is another. Meyers Leonard is, too, especially when factoring in his exuberance and the overall improvement he made this season. Routinely clutch Damian Lillard is also, his inconsistent […]

Amy Montenegro

Seattle’s Amy Montenegro Is Ready To Return To The Cage

When a fighter makes the jump from part time pro to full time athlete, life can come at them fast. Winning and losing becomes feed your family or go home hungry. Seattle fighter Amy Montenegro knows this all too well. After trying out for The Ultimate Fighter Season 20, Montenegro was one of the few […]

Marcus Mariota

Pac-12 North Has Strong Showing In NFL Draft

As round one ended, it was clear that the Pac-12 North had a lot of depth. Although a lot of Pac-12 South and SEC players were drafted, five players from the North were drafted in the first round, which was a nice showing for the Pacific Northwest (all of those players were from Washington (3) […]

Diego Valeri

Diego Valeri’s Back – What Does It Mean For The Portland Timbers?

In the 52nd minute of Saturday’s match between Portland and Vancouver, the Timbers faithful let loose a roar that hasn’t been heard in Providence Park this season. Diego Valeri, who led the Timbers in both goals and assists last year, was preparing to make his first appearance of the season, and hopefully lift a team […]

Winterhawks Rockets

Why Aren’t WHL Players Getting Paid?

Nearly two months ago, I wrote about how a bill passed in the Washington State Senate 47-0 that would exempt junior hockey players from being compensated as employees who should be paid minimum wage. Since then, the amended version of that bill passed in the House on April 15th to a resounding 91-7 vote in […]

Manny Floyd

Fighters Need To Fight

You hear kids do this all the time. They pick a sports hero then play a game. In basketball it’s MVP Stephen Curry vs LeBron. In football it’s Marcus Mariota vs Cam Newton. Who are the names when it comes to boxing? Which greats hear their name called? It felt like Floyd Mayweather and Manny […]

LaMarcus Aldridge

The Ballad Of LaMarcus Aldridge

The Portland Trail Blazers season is barely a week old and attention is already turning towards the most important free agency period this franchise has seen in years. Robin Lopez could be headed towards a big payday. Wesley Matthews was about to make 10 million per day for any team he desired before his injury. […]

LaMarcus Aldridge

Where Do The Portland Trail Blazers Go From Here?

The 2014-15 season for the Portland Trail Blazers has concluded, in a five-game series loss to the physical Memphis Grizzlies. It certainly wasn’t a good series to watch, basketball-wise. Definitely not like the Clippers-Spurs series, which went all the way to seven games. I watched that seventh game in full, on the most glamorous sports […]

Robinson Cano

Seattle Mariners – Chicken Little Served With Garlic Fries

The sky is not actually falling, Seattle Mariners fans. Despite the early cries of “Same old Mariners!” echoing from the corners of Dave and Edgar, all is not as it seems. A slow start has been a shock to the systems of M’s fans far too eager to buy into the World Series hype the […]

Wesley Matthews

Re-Signing Wesley Matthews Key To Keeping Portland’s Identity Intact

Before Wesley Matthews, the team’s heart and soul, went down with a devastating torn Achilles, the Portland Trail Blazers looked to be in the midst of a season that could’ve very well ended in triumph. Instead, the Blazers season came to a close at the hands of first-round opponent Memphis, a Grizzlies team that managed […]

LaMarcus Aldridge

LaMarcus Aldridge Deserves San Antonio

It’s been nine years. Nine years with LaMarcus Aldridge as the reluctant star. If he hasn’t assumed his proper position as an NBA champion in Portland, he deserves to get there someplace else. Why San Antonio? Tradition unlike any other. The Spurs had the great David Robinson toiling year after year. He seemed destined to […]

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao

Viewing Guide To The Best Sports Watching Day Of The Year

As a sports fan, you get used to the idea of each sport having its own season. Sure, there’s a couple months of overlapping here and there, but, at this point, each sport has carved out their window to dominate the sports landscape. Football is king from about October all the way through early February, […]

Kelowna Rockets

Portland Winterhawks Now In Best Of Three – Finals Start In One Week

The Portland Winterhawks and Kelowna Rockets semifinal series is shaping up to be a classic right down to the wire. The first two games were split with 3-2 scores in Kelowna before the series shifted to Portland. Game three saw the Hawks pick up three second period goals and yet another standout performance by Adin […]