Nicolas Batum

Portland Trail Blazers 2014 Player Spotlight – Nicolas Batum

As the start of the NBA season approaches, I’ll be breaking down each Trail Blazer expected to play a role in the team’s chances for success. Today, we feature the Glue, Nicolas Batum. (Stats provided by How Did He Do Last Year? We can start with this: Nicolas Batum played 82 games for the […]

Will Johnson; Mark Bloom

A Portland Timbers Catastrophe In Toronto

You have to give the Portland Timbers credit. They just keep finding new ways to make the impossible possible. This week, instead of coming out half asleep and playing themselves into a huge deficit which they have to furiously rally back from, the Timbers snatched the first two goals and then pressed the self-destruct button […]

Jamis Winston

Ridley’s College Football Rankings – Week Five

Another great weekend of college football is in the books. Not necessarily exciting, with only two ranked teams losing during the week, but enjoyable nonetheless. The big winner of Week 5 was undeniably UCLA, who, after a sluggish start to the season, pummeled 15th-ranked Arizona State 62-27. So where did UCLA end up? Let’s find […]

Portland Winterhawks

Keep Your Eye On These Younger Portland Winterhawks

This column was written by Kyle Martinak of, a partner of Oregon Sports News As is the custom for a top-tier WHL team, the Portland Winterhawks have had a nasty opening week due in large part to the absence of their best and brightest. With the NHL prospects gone, their leadership responsibilities have fallen […]

Seahawks Cheerleaders

The Lesser Mentioned NFL Scandal: Pom Pom Problems – NFL Cheerleaders Finally Speaking Up About Abysmal Compensation

As the country continues to call for Roger Goodell’s head, the ongoing cheerleader pay scandal ignited by a Raiderette continutes to fly under the radar as far as media attention goes. Even before the Ray Rice story achieved critical mass, current and former cheerleaders from the Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets, Cincinnati […]

Oregon Washington State

Shameless Jameis, Hail Marys, And Other Bye Week Rumblings

With the Oregon Ducks and the Seattle Seahawks both off this week, the Portland Trail Blazers still a few days away from training camp, and the Seattle Mariners all but eliminated from playoff contention, we’re staring down the barrel of a dud of a sports weekend. Heck, what should have been the best college football […]

Molly McConnell

A 1:1 With WIBF World Champion, Oregonian Molly McConnell

When I started exploring this topic I knew I had to reach out to the boxers if I wanted the real story from inside. Of course as with any writer in order to do that, you have to knock on doors and hope for one to open up. If the door you knocked opens, the […]

USC OregonState

Abe Asher’s College Football Picks – Week Five

It’s week five of the college football season, and is it fair to say that this year hasn’t been all we hoped for so far? Name the classic games in the non-conference schedule, the This Is College Football moments that make the sport so unique and special. There haven’t been many, if any. Instead, we’ve […]

CJ McCollum

CJ McCollum The Key To Portland Taking That Next Step

By nearly every account, the 2013-2014 season was a good one for the Portland Trail Blazers. They were not only able to make the playoffs, but they also won a first-round series against the Houston Rockets. The Western Conference is stacked, and the San Antonio Spurs eventually eliminated them rather easily. To take the next […]

Chip Kelly

Hate The NFL? Root For Chip Kelly

There are a lot of reasons to hate the NFL these days, and most all of them are valid. Everyone is outraged, and everyone is piling on – again, rightfully so. But many of those people who are outraged and piling on also know that the only way to affect real, meaningful, transcendent change is […]

Redskins Giants Football

Brian Hight’s Week Four NFL Picks

Two and a half points. I was 2½ points from going 11-5 in week 3. I had Cleveland +1.5 at home against the Ravens. The Ravens won 23-21. I had the Vikings covering 10.5 at New Orleans. They lost by 11, 20-9. And, I had the Broncos covering 4.5 at Seattle. When Peyton Manning took […]