Seahawks Cardinals

NFC Wild Card? You Can Have It

There are a handful of NFL teams that are in full control of their playoff destiny. Put the Seattle Seahawks at the top of that list. That’s really good news. Here’s why: Wild Card? Worthless. The top NFC contenders are kings of their home domains. Two of the top four NFC teams are undefeated at […]


Oregon Sports News College Football Bowl Predictions

Well, this is it. After picking 191 regular season football games over the course of the 2014 season, my the year ends with 39 bowl game picks – everything from the inaugural College Football Playoff games to the new Foster Farms and Dave’s Hot Wings Bowls. My record on the year is 130-60-1. Thanks for […]

CM Punk

CM Punk’s First UFC Opponent Should Come From The Pacific Northwest

Nearly two weeks have passed since the UFC announced the signing of former professional wrestler Phil “CM Punk” Brooks. The multi-fight deal will likely put Brooks in the Octagon in mid-2015. For Brooks, this signing is the start of a new career that needed to happen sooner rather than later, since at 36 years old, […]

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson Changes Agent – What Impact Will That Make?

Payday for me isn’t quite as close to an NFL salary as I would like it to be. But at the same time, I haven’t won a Super Bowl, I’m not a Pro-Bowler, and I am definitely not the Chief Football Officer with Alaska Airlines. Of course I’m talking about Seattle Seahawks golden boy Russell […]

Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh – In Memoriam

It’s over. I’d have put money that it would of ended in a “Beat It” video like knife-fight between Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll. Sadly it was far less dramatic. On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks put the final dagger into the Jim Harbaugh-era San Francisco 49ers, soundly defeating them 17-7 in a low-scoring brawl. With […]

Multnomah Falls

Winter Time Is A Great Time To Explore Multnomah Falls

If you follow the ancient Miocene era lava flows that created the bulk of Saddle Mountain East, you find some more hiking opportunities in immediate proximity of volcanic-spawned grandeur. Specifically, the must see Multnomah Falls. The Falls are an impressive sight to behold. Just thirty minutes outside of Portland, nestled deep in the beautiful Columbia […]

Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota – Let’s Put A Bow On This

That’s what it’s all about. Yep, I’m talking about Marcus Mariota, the Heisman Trophy, and sports the way they should be. In recent weeks I’ve spoken of, and reminded everyone how special a player and young man Marcus Mariota is.  Saturday night, I, fans of the University of Oregon, and people nationwide saw just how […]

MIke Riley

Mike Riley’s Seven Best Games

After 14 years (including his two years in the ‘90s) as the head coach and savior of Oregon State football, Mike Riley is taking over the highly coveted Nebraska head coaching position. The decision was a surprise. It could have been made because of money (he’s making twice as much), angry whispers from the Beaver […]

Thomas Robinson

Thomas Robinson Salvages My Year

Did you see it? Were you a witness to the greatest 9 minutes of this young NBA season? It happened during Monday night’s Portland Trail Blazers-San Antonio Spurs game, a fully fledged Thomas Robinson sighting. For me, and perhaps for Thomas Robinson as well, it was like an early Christmas present, a moment that I […]

Marcus Mariota

All Hail The King – Marcus Mariota

Is Marcus Mariota really the king? He’d never say so, but until the next college football player completes the individual awards sweep like he did, he’s royalty. What should the king do now that’s he’s been coronated? The easy answer is beat Florida State then whoever comes out of the Ohio State v Alabama semi-final. […]

Seahawks Cardinals

Fantasy Football Start And Sit – Week Sixteen

RECORD LAST WEEK: 8-10 OVERALL: 146-100-3 Before I start, an update on my own squad, which made it to the semi-finals of my league.  Aaron Rodgers had his worst night of the season, and I lost.  No one is perfect, but I’m happy to have gotten that far in a 12-team league.  Those of you […]

Portland Timbers FAns

Portland Timbers’ Ten Greatest MLS Games

Below is my list of the Portland Timbers’ ten greatest MLS games. Before you start reading, there are a few things you should know. Some of the games on here were no-brainers, others required more thought. There are nine home games and just one away game. Darlington Nagbe and Jack Jewsbury both started eight, Futty […]