Chris Leben

Portland’s Chris “The Crippler” Leben Headed To Jail

Most people were introduced to Chris “The Crippler” Leben in January of 2005 as one of the sixteen cast members on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show. It didn’t take long for people to see the immature side of Chris Leben; in the show’s first episode, Leben drank heavily and urinated on […]


(Choose Your Own) Dream Teams

In Oregon, you pick your favorite teams. You have the Portland Trail Blazers and the Portland Timbers, but they may not cut it for you. It could be that all of your favorites are elsewhere. You may feel these are life-changing decisions next to flying around the world, going to college and dancing in public. […]

Fred Jackson

Fred Jackson Enters, Which Running Back Leaves?

Ian Rappaport is reporting that running back Fred Jackson, cut by the Buffalo Bills Monday, is likely to sign with the Seattle Seahawks as soon as today. Signing a veteran running back like Jackson would say a lot. Even the apparent interest is revealing. What comes next maybe even more intriguing. At 34 years old, Jackson […]

Ellen Urbani

Roll Tide In Portland?

Remember the last literary reading you attended? An author sat beside a stack of books, read a few pages, took questions, then signed copies. It’s the way it’s supposed to be, nice and traditional. The audience knows what to expect. No one wants any more. Like a football game between teams with rabid fans, some […]

Seattle Seahawks

Salary Cap Ills – The Seattle Seahawks Have Picked Their Poison

At some point, the Seattle Seahawks’ reign atop the NFC West will end. With an array of unanswered questions, the blue birds have the aura of a team poised to fall off their perch — possibly soon. OK, calm down. My guess is that they’ll win the NFC West once again in 2015. That doesn’t mean your […]

Mason Plumlee

Portland Trail Blazers Roster Breakdown – Mason Plumlee

Ushering in a new era of Portland Trail Blazers basketball seems to be the theme of the 2015 NBA offseason. The Rip City roster no longer resembles the crew that had back-to-back 50-win seasons over the past two years, but one thing it can hang its hat on is that youth and potential have become […]

Timbers Sounders

Portland Timbers Fall To Seattle, But Signs Of Optimism Emerge

The Portland Timbers just can’t seem to shake their first half struggles and it cost them once again on Sunday, as they fell to the rival Seattle Sounders 2-1 in a critical Western Conference clash. Portland was clearly the more aggressive team coming out and consistently had the better chances throughout the match, but a […]

Portland Baseball

Will Portland Swing For Baseball?

I, on behalf of Portlanders, would sure like Major League Baseball. Everyone likes or has heard of the Tampa Bay Rays and the Oakland Athletics. Landing either is a fun idea, and I hear they’re itching to move. The Athletics or Rays can be Portland’s baseball darling, but for now we don’t care because we’re […]

Mark Helfrich

Oregon Ducks Coaches Showing Homework Isn’t Just For The Players

High school teachers around the world are often fond of saying, “If you diligently do all your homework, the tests will be a breeze.” Well, for the sixth straight year, the Oregon Ducks’ coaches have aced their first test of the season. That’s because when junior college transfer linebacker Jonah Moi joined the fall practice […]


“My, Oh My!” – Mariners Retrospective – Dave Niehaus

I’ve spent plenty of time huffing and puffing about what a circus sideshow the Seattle Mariners of 2015 have become this year. So many words have been dropped on the page about who is to blame and why.  I’m not here to keep doing that. I’ve already raked them over the coals and vilified the […]

Oakland Athletics third baseman Brett Lawrie reaches to catch the pick-off throw as Seattle Mariners' Robinson Cano, right, attempts to steal second base in the second inning of a baseball game, Monday, Aug. 24, 2015, in Seattle. Lawrie's tag on Cano was ruled an out after the initial safe call on the field was challenged by the Athletics. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

The Second Half Has Been Bizarro Mariners

Superman fans know Bizarro as the supervillain with all the attributes of Superman, but with some of the powers reversed, like cold vision instead of heat vision. Seattle Mariners fans, accustomed to really good pitching, anchored by King Felix Hernandez, and, well, really not so good hitting, spearheaded by usually no one, may be thinking […]

Arizona Cardinals

NFC West Season Preview Part Three – Arizona Primed For Decline?

During the course of the 2015 NFL Preseason, Oregon Sports News will feature a weekly season preview of one of the four teams housed by the NFC West. Each weekly breakdown will feature one of the division mates (previews to be scheduled based on ascending order of the 2014 division standings) with roster and coaching […]

Andrew Moore

Seattle Mariners Got It Right When They Selected Andrew Moore

A year after passing on the Oregon State Beavers’ top player in the draft, the Seattle Mariners got it right and selected Andrew Moore with the 72nd pick in the 2015 draft. What could have been considered a reach when selecting Moore in the Competitive Balance Round B, which is an extension of the second […]

Pacific Northwest

A Letter Of Encouragement To The Pacific Northwest

Dear Pacific Northwest, At a time when Washington is suffering from the biggest fire in its history, when the Northwest is withering from drought, when the stock market is shrinking like our reservoirs, let’s not forget the healing power of sports. You’ve definitely had your ups and downs, but nothing ever seemed to hold you […]