Twinkle, Tinkle, Little Star – Oregon State Beavers Survive UCLA, 66-55

Wayne Tinkle paced back-and-forth in front of the Oregon State bench. His collared shirt was soaked through under both arms, as he discarded his jacket minutes earlier during a heated dispute with an official. This was no time for manners. With 2:35 remaining, UCLA’s Gyorgy Goloman drove in a layup to cut a once 17-point […]

Joel Freeland

It’s Sink Or Swim Time For The Portland Trail Blazers

Minutes before tip-off of the Trail Blazers match up against the Boston Celtics, Portland announced that the diagnosis of LaMarcus Aldridge’s thumb injury was a little worse than thought. Portland Trail Blazers PR tweeted, “MRI confirms Portland F LaMarcus Aldridge has a radial collateral ligament tear in left thumb. He will undergo surgery; out for […]


The Portland Winterhawks’ Western Conference Hurdles

This column written by Kyle Martinak of PortlandSports.com, a partner of Oregon Sports News With the next batch of games taking place on home ice and the regular season flying into the last two months soon, the Portland Winterhawks are starting to glance down the barrel of their various competitors in both the U.S. Division […]


Cynics VS. Seattle Seahawks Class Action Lawsuit

Greetings, We, associates from the Jarvis/Green/Ellis law firm, are writing to all those affected by the events of this past Sunday, the 18th of January. On this date the Seattle Seahawks engaged in a football game against the Green Bay Packers, the results of which has done ineffable harm to an innumerable number of our […]

Pete Carroll

The Pete Carroll Way

It was Special Teams coach Brian Schneider and his staff who picked out Green Bay Packers’ reserve linebacker Brad Jones reckless aggression trying to block field goals, and so those coaches deserve the credit for crafting the base layer of the Seattle Seahawks’ NFC Championship comeback out of thin air. But I’ll bet there wasn’t […]

Ducks Ohio State

The State Of Pacific Northwest Football

Unless you’ve been living in a subterranean cave, or have been in a coma for the last three years, you know that this is a great time for football in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon appeared in the first-ever College Football Playoff National Championship Game Presented by Too Many Money Grubbing Corporations. The Seattle Seahawks are […]

Emily Corso

Portland Woman Smiling As She Launches Professional MMA Career

This column written by Mercy Strongheart of PortlandSports.com, a partner of Oregon Sports News You probably wouldn’t guess that Emily Corso is a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter upon meeting her. The cute, bubbly 26-year old doesn’t seem to have an aggressive bone in her body. Yet she is undefeated in her professional career, […]

Wesley Edens

Gary Andersen? OSU Needs A “Knight” In Shining Armor

Oregon has arrived.  That isn’t, nor should it be news to anyone.  But while they’ve built a program over the last couple of decades on the foundation of winning and more recently a system born at the hands of Chip Kelly, it was Phil Knight, his resources, and his appetite for winning that made what […]

Conor McGregor

Portland MMA Fighters Weigh In On Conor McGregor

Sunday night, after all the footballs had been tucked away for safekeeping, UFC Fight Night 59 was there to close out the weekend. “The Notorious” Conor McGregor took center stage Sunday as he looked to secure his position as number one contender to featherweight champion Jose Aldo’s title. Being as much as a 15 to […]

Mark Helfrich

How Smart Is Too Smart For Sports?

Being smart is one thing. No one is responsible for their IQ. It’s either in the family gene pool or you’re a freak of nature. Using your smarts is the biggest challenge. How do you channel that mental energy into something more constructive than solving Rubik’s Cube blindfolded? Should you take your big brain into […]

Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers NFC Football Championship 2015

Only One Factor To Stop A Seattle Seahawks Dynasty In 2015

Let me ask you a question, 12s. Have the San Francisco 49ers been the same since they lost to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship playoff game a year ago? That narrow loss to the eventual Super Bowl XLVIII champion Seattle Seahawks may very well have altered the course of the Seahawks’ historically fiercest […]