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If you have been tasked with completing a research paper as part of your written assessment in your course of study, you need to make sure that you have a clear understanding of how to meet the assessment criteria but also how to excel and secure the best grades possible for your work.

In this article, we will take a look at a number of the crucial components for success in writing a research paper, and give you some hints and tips on how to boost your performance.

1. Topic

Before starting work on your research paper, it is essential that you take the time to really understand your topic. A good technique is to highlight the keywords and actions contained within your topic – this gives you the who, what, when, where, and why that you need to be responding to. Also, make sure that you consider the context of your topic – your research paper doesn’t exist in isolation, what do you need to know about the context of this topic before you start to address it in your writing.

2. Title

A research paper needs a specific title. This about the structure of your paper – your title is normally centered on the page. Does the title of your research paper accurately reflect the topic that you are addressing?

3. Structure

It is helpful to map out the structure of your research paper before you start to respond to the topic that you are addressing. Your research paper will need an introduction, a section on the methodology that you have used for your research, a section on results and discussion of your research findings, and a conclusion.

Your introduction needs to clearly establish your topic and outline how your paper is going to address the topic. It is also important that you demonstrate how your research paper is going to add to the academic understanding of the topic which you are addressing. How will your work add the profession’s knowledge and expertise regarding the issue that you are researching?

When you get to the results and analysis section, this is where you need to demonstrate the strength of your analysis, bringing together the research data you have available to coherently and clearly demonstrate how your findings support your hypothesis. During this section it is important that you are engaging with the reader – try to use graphics and tables to visually represent the results and data you are discussing, as this will be easier for the reader to process quickly.

4. Style

Your research paper needs to present the reader with an informed argument. You need to be using a professional and objective tone, clearly presenting the information, and outlining how your research and analysis supports your assumptions and has established your conclusion.

5. Methodology

Your methodology section needs to make it clear to the reader how you have collected the data that you are using, how you have analyzed that data, and how you have organized the results and evidence on which you are basing your assumptions and conclusions. You may need to also include a literature review in this section if you are using the established methodology that has been tested by other researchers.

6. List of References

A bibliography of your references is an essential component of your research paper, adding credibility to the work that you have completed. There are different styles of citations that can be used in research papers, so it is important that you are clear on the style of citation required by your assessor. This will most likely have been issued to you as part of a style guide at the beginning of your course, but if you are unsure then discuss this with your tutor or lecturer.

A professional writing service is more than a cheap essay writing service. It is important that you are getting the support of professionals who understand the specific requirements of the written assessment that you have been assigned – everything from the formatting, to the structure, to the tone and style. Make you sure you are allocating your time and resources to the most important elements of your coursework and give yourself the best opportunity to achieve your academic aspirations.


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