Will The Portland Trail Blazers Make The Playoffs?

The Portland Trail Blazers recently made it to the Western Conference for the first time is close to two decades. This has many of the team’s fans, including those interested in riding on the team’s success through sports betting, wondering whether the Blazers will make it to the playoffs. However, unlike most fans, I adopt an objective view of my favorite teams’ chances in any tournament. 

Here is an honest and candid analysis of the Blazers’ chances of making it to the playoffs. 

Performance in Question 

The Portland Trail Blazers have undoubtedly made a comeback in the recent past. The team’s most recognizable achievement is making it back into the Western Conference Finals. The team, like many others, has also been making strategic changes in its structure. One of the recent strategic changes was getting Hassan Whiteside, a talented center player, back on the team’s side. 

However, the team has also suffered major drawbacks in its recent matches. It suffered a humiliating defeat to the Miami Heat, and the experience seemed to humble the players as well as the team’s fans. 

One of the main strengths of the Blazers is its efficient offensive capability. It has been starting many matches on a high note, and its offense strategy has played a key role in getting the team where it is today. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for the team’s defense, which has been found lacking by many analysts. The team’s poor defense has cost it several games over the recent past. Most notably, the team’s recent match against Miami Heat revealed a significant shortcoming: its over-reliance on key players such as CJ McCollum, an efficient shooting guard who missed the match. 

If this sort of performance persists, the team’s chances of making the playoffs will be bleaker than they already are. Unfortunately, this may be the case considering that the team is not consistent in its performance despite its recent wins. 

What the Numbers Say 

You have heard that numbers do not lie, and at the moment the numbers put the Blazers at 7th place among other teams likely to make the 2019-20 NBA season playoffs. This is according to a recent report published by the popular sports analysis and prediction site FiveThirtyEight. The report by FiveThirtyEight is accepted as standard as the site uses the most advanced statistical tools to analyze and predict outcomes in all sports categories. 

The Blazers have a 28% chance of making it into the playoffs. This is not inspirational, but it is an improvement to the team’s standing at the end of November. It also inspires hope that the team will post better numbers in the coming future, but time is fleeting. 

At the moment, the Blazers have six teams to contend with if they wish to make it to the playoffs. Houston holds the top spot, with the Golden State coming in a close second and San Antonio coming in a close third. All these teams are better suited for the spot than the Blazers, so there is a lot of catching up to do and limited time to do it. However, the remaining 24 matches can help smoothen the team’s edges and prepare it for the highly anticipated playoffs. 

The Verdict

So, is there any chance of the Blazers making it to the 2019-20 NBA playoffs? Only time can tell for certain, but at the moment the team’s chances are bleak. The team’s momentum has been on a downward trend over the recent past, but it also has other cards under its sleeve considering its recent achievements – so don’t be surprised if the Blazers go blazing into the playoffs.