Why You Should Wear Sunscreen While Riding A Bike

As we move into spring, riding a bike in the sunshine is a fun activity for enjoying the great outdoors and getting a workout in the process. However, your skin shouldn’t have to suffer just because you want to work out in the sun. With this in mind, here is why you should wear sunscreen while riding a bike. 

It Protects Your Skin

The most significant reason why you should wear sunscreen while riding a bike is to prevent yourself from getting skin cancer. The sun emits harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can increase your risk for a few different types of skin cancer, such as melanoma. 

The sun’s rays can even affect your skin on a cloudy day when it seems like a sunburn is unlikely. Wearing sunscreen will reduce the risk of getting a sunburn that could harm your skin. 

It Keeps You On The Road

Obviously, when the weather is bad, it’s a sure sign it’s not a good time to ride. However, if you don’t wear sunscreen, then you won’t be able to ride outside even when the weather is good. If you get a severe sunburn, riding in the sun will be quite painful. 

Instead of enjoying the breeze on your two-wheeler, you will be stuck inside, treating your burns with aloe vera. To avoid this situation, apply sunscreen before you head out for a ride, so you don’t have to suffer the consequences of a sunburn later on. 

Your Skin Will Feel Better

Even if you’ve never had one before, you probably know that sunburns can cause excruciating pain. Thankfully, applying sunscreen to any part of your skin that’s exposed to the sun will prevent you from getting burned. 

In addition, many sunscreens come with nutrients that moisturize your skin. What this means is that your skin will look and feel better if you wear sunscreen, in addition to being protected from the sun. 

Overall, wearing sunscreen is a must for anyone who wants to work out or play sports outside. Now that you know why you should wear sunscreen while riding a bike, go ahead and hit your favorite trail for a nice, relaxing ride.