Why The 2022 Seattle Seahawks Will Finish With A 7-10 Record

The schedule is locked in place. The Seattle Seahawks know their opponents and the order they’ll be playing them. There are still plenty of other questions like, “Will they trade for Baker Mayfield?” or “Is there a player still on the Hawks who will be dealt?” But for now, we will focus on the future and predict what could happen. 

Week 1 – Denver Broncos

You have to be kidding me, right? Russell Wilson won’t have to wait long for his “revenge game.” The former Hawk will bring the Broncos to town for a battle that hasn’t happened since 2018. This is currently one of just two primetime games for Seattle, and this could be a massive upset on a very national scale if they could prove a point to Russ and the rest of the league that they will be okay without their former star. I personally don’t believe that will be the case, and I see Russ balling out against his former secondary. LOSS (0-1) 

Week 2 – AT San Francisco 49ers

The Hawks play in the hardest division in football, but the Niners have some serious questions looming around them. I am not sold on Trey Lance as a starter quite yet, and San Fran tends to have significant health issues early in the year. This could be a big spot for Lance if he gets the call, and Seattle could pounce. This is a road game, but Seattle could be hungry coming off a loss to their former QB. WIN (1-1) 

Week 3 – Atlanta Falcons

This is a real gift for the Hawks. The Falcons might be the worst team in the NFL this season. Their QB is Marcus Mariota, and their defense will give up nearly 500 yards a game. The Hawks will be looking for win number one at their place, and they really don’t get easier than this. WIN (2-1) 

Week 4 – AT Detroit Lions

I expect this Detroit team to take a step in the right direction this season. The Hawks will see an old friend in Jared Goff, who is 5-4 in his career against Seattle. This game will be on the road, but coming off two straight wins and going up against a Lions defense that Drew Lock can find success against, I like their odds. Give me a third straight win. WIN (3-1) 

Week 5 – AT New Orleans

Seattle is a really tough place to play for any team in the NFL, but New Orleans likely takes the cake for the least enjoyable experience for an opposing player. Don’t sleep on the Saints this year, who had made some great moves in free agency and are hopeful that Jameis Winston can be the same QB he was last season before he tore his ACL. The Saints will be well over .500, and this is a win at their house against Seattle. LOSS (3-2)

Week 6 – Arizona Cardinals

I think there are a lot of issues in this Cardinals locker room at the moment. Kyler Murray seems unhappy, Kliff Kingsbury was just given an extension, although it’s questionable whether he deserved one, and DeAndre Hopkins will miss the first six weeks of the season. That’s excellent news for the Hawks, who host this game and won’t have to deal with covering one of the best wide receivers in the league. The Hawks have won three of the last five in this rivalry. WIN (4-2) 

Week 7 – AT Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert is becoming one of the most entertaining quarterbacks on the planet, and his team missed the playoffs on a kick last season. The Chargers had a great draft and added great pieces in free agency. They are used to playing in a tough division, and this Hawks team doesn’t feel like much of a match for them. LOSS (4-3)

Week 8 – New York Giants 

If this were a road game to the East Coast, I would have some concerns, but New York has to travel to Seattle after being in Jacksonville the week before is truly unfortunate scheduling by the NFL. Daniel Jones is no real scare, and the Giants have a first-year head coach running the shots. This should be an easy win for Seattle, who needs all the wins they can get before the heavy division schedule hits. WIN (5-3) 

Week 9 – AT Arizona Cardinals

DeAndre Hopkins will be back for this contest, and it will be played in Arizona. At this point in the season, the Cards will either be in the hunt or a dumpster fire. With so many veterans on that team, I have to imagine someone will get them rolling in the right direction. Playing this game on the road gives me pause for Seattle, who might be looking ahead to a date with the Bucs the following week. LOSS (5-4) 

Week 10  – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (In Germany) 

Tampa and Seattle should have about the same travel distance as they head to Germany for the NFL’s international series. This is a home game for the Bucs, not that it really makes a huge difference. I am solely looking at QB play in this matchup, and I don’t think Drew Lock has the chops to take down the greatest QB ever to play. Brady and the Bucs are my favorites to win the Super Bowl this upcoming season, and a loss feels inevitable. LOSS (5-5) 

Week 11 – BYE

Week 12 – Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders have had a really nice offseason, getting Davante Adams from Green Bay and adding some reinforcements to their defense. With Russ still in town, I would like the Hawks’ chances, but Carr has his college receiver to throw to, and Drew Lock is going to need MVP levels at this point in the season to hush critics and make sure the starting job is his. That is a lot of pressure and one I am not betting on going the Hawks’ way. LOSS (5-6)

Week 13 – AT Los Angeles Rams

This Rams team may have only gotten better this offseason, adding Allen Robinson and Bobby Wagner. It felt like Russ pushed himself out of Seattle, but Wagner was pushed out by Seattle. I feel for Lock in this game, who will have one of the league’s hardest-hitting players breathing down his neck all game long. The Rams will be the team to beat in the West, and I don’t think Seattle will win either contest. LOSS (5-7)

Week 14 – Carolina Panthers

After four straight losses, hosting the Carolina Panthers should be a welcome sight. When Carolina is healthy, they can be a really good team, but that hasn’t been the case for them over the past few seasons. Add on top of that, Matt Rhule will be coaching for his job in each game this year, and Sam Darnold is their starting QB, and the Hawks could get back into the win column. WIN (6-7) 

Week 15 – San Francisco 49ers

I gave the Hawks the benefit of the doubt earlier in the season when they travel to San Fran, but something tells me the Niners will be hungry to steal one on the road. Down the stretch, I envision the 49ers to be more in the hunt than Seattle, and Kyle Shannahan will likely have this offense down at this point in the year. LOSS (6-8)

Week 16 – AT Kansas City Chiefs

Brutal. This is not the game you want in week 16, as you are trying to make a playoff push. There isn’t much to say here other than you hope Pat Mahomes is resting in this game because maybe KC has already locked up a playoff spot, but we know that wouldn’t happen even if it were true. LOSS (6-9) 

Week 17 – New York Jets

I don’t think these would be accurate predictions if I didn’t at least tell you that the Hawks can beat the Jets. New York is projected to be better than they were last year, but I will not tell you they are beating the Hawks this far out. WIN (7-9)

Week 18 – Los Angeles Rams

I said it earlier, and I will reiterate it now, the Rams are going to cruise past Seattle this season. Best case scenario is that Stafford is resting in this game, and Seattle wants to end the season on a high note, but with Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady in the NFC, there is no resting when home-field advantage is up for grabs. LOSS (7-10)

FINAL (7-10) 

I think these should be the expectations for Hawks fans this season. Seattle is coming off their worst season in quite a while, and now Russell Wilson is gone. If they can win seven games, I think that is better than most would expect.