Why Spikeball Is The Perfect Sport On A Sunny Day

Spikeball is shaping up to be the game people didn’t know they needed. Previously known as “roundnet,” this game has been around since 1989. Imagine volleyball met four-square and had a love-child, and the premise of the game is pretty simple from there.  

More commonly known now as “Spikeball,” the company of the same name has repopularized it since its beginnings in 2008. Its appearance on Shark Tank also helped reinvigorate interest in the sport. 

Whether an athletic challenge is the goal, or an activity to entertain a group of children sounds helpful, Spikeball has something for everyone. Spikeball can be taken as free-spirited or as competitively as one might like

Here are three reasons spikeball is a great purchase for any Northwesterner. 

  1. Exercise

Regardless of how the game is approached, it’s no doubt that Spikeball is an exercise. With smaller team sizes than many sports, the game requires a lot of quick movement and thought to set up teammates or return shots. Even games played in tight quarters without much movement can prove to be a mental exercise to outwit opponents. 

  1. Accessibility

This game is a dream for Northwesterners. A random sunny day? Grab Spikeball and head to a nearby beach or park. Going camping? Pack up Spikeball and set it up at the site. Rainy day? Set it up inside. With enough room, Spikeball can even be played indoors! 

The game is easy enough to learn that people of any age can play. The game can be just as rousing between four pros as it would be between four people completely new to the game. The simplicity and ease of Spikeball is unparalleled to almost any other sport.

  1. Popularity

Spikeball has received nationwide popularity in the last few years, and some believe it is the fastest-growing sport in America. With an app that makes finding tournaments and even games open to the general public easier to find, there is almost always someone to play with. The company even offers the chance for people to become ambassadors of the sport, allowing them to buy sets at a discounted rate and sell them to interested parties at a profit. 

No matter the occasion, Spikeball can provide. The game is offered in two distinct options for those seeking an easier going experience, or for those looking to play more competitively. There’s even an option to play floating in water! This is a game every Northwesterner should have available in their arsenal.

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