Who Got Next? Oregon Ducks Women’s Basketball Rolling In Historic Fashion

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We all know there are plenty of reasons to call it “March Madness” right? But just in case you don’t know what the whole fuss is about, we’ll let tell you what you just missed out on!

On Sunday, right here at the Moda Center, right in the heart of Portland, the Oregon Ducks’ Sabrina Ionescu (with 31 points) gave the Ducks a 6-point lead with 1:13 left on the clock! It was a moment of excitement, tears and pride to see how a team full of heart and spirit brings Mississippi State to fall before one of the most exciting and big crowds the Moda Center has seen in a while.

And if you were in the Moda Center today you know it wasn’t going to just go down like any other day of the year. Today it was about play ball and playing it like there is no tomorrow left. You could tell these young women weren’t about to let anyone come to their home state and not have to work hard to attempt a win!

But the message with each shot was clear: These young ladies were determined to get the win and they did, making it a day to remember for all Oregonian’s here and out of state; the Ducks didn’t  just take the win, the Oregon Ducks were making history right here at home!

Yes, this will be the first time in the history of the NCAA tournament that the Oregon Ducks Women’s Basketball team is in the Final Four! This is without a doubt history! But wait! There Is more! More history in the making as the Oregon Ducks Women’s Basketball program is now en route to becoming the one team that could very well be one of the final two or why not, the 2019 champion if they keep playing as they did tonight.

And yes, while college basketball is hot right now, this game is one of those that had it all! Or as my neighbor whom I ran into in the elevator after the game done put it “it wasn’t just a game, it was a nail-biting game! One you did not know what was going to happen next.” I mean, let’s be honest: We were all at the edge of our seats! After all, the Bulldogs didn’t just take it, they were playing just as hard; I am sure they did not come just to play, but they had come to collect a win. Little did they know the response the Ducks had in store for them.

So the question now is, who will the Oregon Ducks face next? While all brackets and odds have been against them, the Ducks are the one team to watch in this final four.

Is it going to be about sending Iowa home? Or perhaps Baylor is the one that will have to figure out what to do with Ionescu next?

But, wait now. Don’t just stop there! Let’s take it up even another notch! Because there is a pretty good possibility the Ducks could face Notre Dame, who has to defend its national title and why not take a shot at becoming another team to go back-to-back as champions UConn have?

Either way, whatever happens next, we are all rooting for the Ducks non-stop. Because I certainly have no doubt, the Ducks will show up, play with the heart like they did on Sunday, and remind us why March Madness is the thing to watch right now!

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