What To Expect From An Online Sportsbook

When you visit an online sportsbook, there is a wide number of sports you can place bets on. One of the most exciting is basketball with plenty of markets to try your luck on and some late nights ahead of you.

A game of football could go on for two hours without a goal but in basketball, there are points being scored on a continual basis. That creates a great deal of excitement for gamblers and plenty of betting options too.

Basketball is played all over the world and that’s great news for those who want to place bets on the sport. There’s European action to gamble on during the day and evening before the stateside action begins. There’s NBA and college basketball to bet on in the USA and you can be placing bets until the early hours on a regular basis.

When it comes to betting on basketball, there are plenty of markets available. It’s not just a case of who is going to win the match. One thing you will notice is that the odds for who will win are often very short. This is particularly the case when international tournaments are held.

Handicap Betting

No one fancies betting on a team that is 1/50, but you can use handicap betting to receive much more profitable odds. The favourites can be backed to win with say 12.5 points deducted from their actual score. Plenty of handicaps of varying sizes will be offered and these will change during the match. Check out www.sportsbetting24.ca for the latest offers and odds on basketball.

How Many Points?

Numbers are so important in these often high-scoring games. You can place bets on the total number of points in a game. For example, will it be under or over 219 points, again plenty of options with varying odds are available.

With the game split into either two halves or four quarters, you can bet on each individual section of the game. This includes bets on who will win each quarter, which quarter will see most points scored and the winning margin.

The Race is On

You can even bet on which team will be the first to score a certain number of points in the game. If you believe a match is too tight to call, you can place a bet on whether there will be overtime or not and even if the total number of points will be odd or even.

In-play betting makes basketball extremely exciting to bet on. The ability to bet on the match while it’s taking place will see the odds changing on a constant basis. This allows you to place more and more bets during the game with the odds reflecting what’s happening on the pitch. if the Mariners are your team, why not put a few dollars on them to score first.

As you can see, betting on basketball is a thrilling experience with plenty of chances being offered to get a winner. Whether it’s betting on the result, a handicap selection or how many points are going to be scored, there’s plenty of excitement to be had.