What Golf And Jordan Spieth Can Teach Us

As a sports fanatic, I always find it fascinating how all the famous sportspeople earn a ton of income by becoming good at one sport, using years of practice, discipline, repetition, hard-work, revisions, rinse and repeat… and after everything, enrolling in tournaments and competitions to showcase all their skills into winning huge amounts of money or trophies, and never get tired of it. They make it their life’s goal (excuse the pun) to become the best at what they do and, in my opinion, teach everyone else what it means to be brilliant at one thing because of continuous practice and consistency. 

Some of us could learn a thing or two about that… but that’s a topic for another article. This one, however, is focusing on the popular sport of Golf and Golfers. Albeit, one golfer from Texas, in particular – Jordan Alexander Spieth, or better known to most as Jordan Spieth.

Who Is Jordan Spieth?

American golfer Jordan Spieth is famous for not only being a professional golfer on the PGA Tour and a formerly ranked number one golfer in the world, but he has also been dubbed “100 most influential people” by Time Magazine. You can read all about this on his website here http://www.jordanspiethgolf.com/article/jordan-spieth-named-one-of-times-100-most-influential-people

His dedication to this sport lead him to a 72-hole tie between him and famous golfer Tiger Woods, and he went on to become the 2nd youngest golfer to win the Masters. Now if that’s not brilliant, I don’t know what is…

Since he turned pro in 2012, he has won 11 tournaments, 5 of which were in 2015, which one could say was his best year yet. 

Taking heed to his younger sister’s suggestion, Spieth took the liberty of starting a very helpful foundation to aid children from the special need’s spectrum, as well as helping to finance families that were in the military, children suffering from cancer and assisting junior golfers too. This Jordan Spieth Family Foundation (JSFF)was started in 2014 and has contributed almost 1.5 million dollars towards each of the individual communities.

Net Worth

If you are a good golfer, and by good, we mean – excellent! You can make a good amount of money in your lifetime and have a happy and early retirement. We have all heard about how Tiger Woods is one of the highest-paid sportspersons of all time, but some of us don’t even know just how much all the other golf greats make.

Let’s start with the net worth of Jordan Spieth, as mentioned above he has had 11 PGA wins since he started his professional career and two additional international victories. Given all his victories to date, he has earned a total of $39,790,811 in prize money during his PGA career and has accumulated $29 million in endorsements. This makes his net worth approximately $100 million. 

Other Golfers such as Jim Furyk, has a net worth of $60 million, Sergio Garcia from Spain is worth $70 Million and he started playing golf at the age of 3 years old and became a champion at the tender age of 12 years. He has a foundation called the Sergio Garcia Foundation geared towards providing financial grants to children suffering from multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. Adam Scott is a pro golfer from Australia and his net worth is $40 million. 

What Can Golf Teach Us?

These are just some of the names of those who have worked their backsides off from a young age to try and be the best at what they do. It seems that what once started as a casual sport in 15th Century Scotland Middle Ages and to date has been enjoyed as a social event. Feel free to read about the history of this marvelous sport on this online source here.

Although an increase in competitions and competitors alike has made this recreational sport into something a tad bit more serious, not to mention the numerous foundations that have cropped up because of it that are helping a lot of different causes.  

As we can see, this is not just a sport, but a sport that can teach us a lot about the power of resilience, consistency, and discipline.  Imagine if people like Spieth gave up on their first failed attempt. But he didn’t, and neither did the other hundreds of PGA Golfers around the world, that have made a career out of it and using it to help other less-fortunate people.

Just goes to show that anything, when done with the utmost passion, can become something much bigger than ourselves. Yes, some people are made to be professionals in their careers, but this shouldn’t stop everyone from at least trying to become just as good, if not better. Finally, it teaches us how giving up is not an option. It is very easy to give up anything that we think we have tried enough times and failed, but as they say, your win may be just around the corner, so keep trying till it happens!

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