What Are the Most Common Types Of Car Accident Injuries?

There are several common car accident injuries you should be familiar with. You can check out our guide right here to learn more.

Each year 20-50 million Americans experience non-fatal injuries from car accidents.

Are you wondering what the most common car accident injuries are? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over car crash injuries.

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Cuts and Scrapes

As a result of a car accident, people often suffer from cuts and scrapes. You could have gotten hit by a loose projectile or cut from the impact of the vehicle. Cuts and scrapes could cause infections if not treated.

Ligament, Muscle, or Tendon Injuries

A common name for ligament, muscle, or tendon injuries is whiplash. If your body moves fast and in a sudden manner, you can strain your body.

The trauma can cause injuries in muscles or soft tissues, but still not cause a break. Whiplash is a painful injury and takes time to heal.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Trauma to the head can cause brain injury. If you don’t seek treatment, a traumatic brain injury could cause long-term issues.

You may find you have trouble sleeping or suffer from headaches. It’s difficult to diagnose brain injuries.

Seek out help from a physician who has experience working with car accident patients. This way, you can get a detailed treatment plan.

Injured or Broken Ribs

A moderate or light impact can cause your ribs to break because they are so fragile.

If you get pushed sideways, backward, or forwards, you could suffer from bruised or broken ribs. An injury like this could take a long period to heal and will be painful.

Internal Injuries or Bleeding

It’s common to suffer bruises or cuts from an accident, and this can occur inside your body as well.

Internal bleeding is dangerous if it doesn’t get treated right after a crash. See a physician after an accident right away. You want to seek critical care if there’s a chance you might have internal bleeding.

Trauma to the Knees or Spine

Some people end up hurting their knees in a car crash. You may suffer from pain in your knee cap and ligaments.

People who injure their knees will need either crutches, braces, or surgery to fix the damage. Knee injuries can be painful and complicated.

You can get a herniated disc if a vertebra in your spine moves out of place or ruptures. You will suffer from pain and future complications from a herniated disc.

Mental Health Struggles

People don’t always experience physical trauma, but can suffer from mental trauma.

Some people will develop post-traumatic stress disorder after the incident. Things that used to be part of your daily routine might cause you stress and worry.

Seek out medical treatment right away. Learn more about finding the right car accident doctor.

Now You Know the Most Common Car Accident Injuries

We hope you found this guide on automobile injuries helpful. Make sure you seek treatment right away if you suffer from any car accident injuries.

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