Using Technology To Enhance Your Ballpark Experience

With the arrival of spring, baseball season is officially here. There’s never a shortage of Oregon sports teams to support, but when the Hillsboro Hops hit the fields, it marks the start of warmer weather and fun times ahead. A Hops game is rarely dull, but like every sporting event, there are moments when it could be a bit more interesting.

Here are some ways to use technology to enhance your ballpark experience without taking attention away from the game:

Share Your Experience

If you are a self-proclaimed Hops Super fan, you respect the game, the players, and fellow fans. There are ways to show your support without disrupting the fun for everyone else. The management at Ron Tonkin Field wants to make the ballpark experience great for everyone, so they do have a few rules.

Social media is a great tech tool for enhancing and sharing your experience. While they ask fans not to take video, you can take pictures. Take a few photos before, during, or after the game and post to the Hillsboro Hops Facebook page or tweet some highlights during the game.

Listen In

Even when you’re attending a Hops game, you may want to catch parts of another MiLB game. Bring your earbuds and catch other games live by listening to TuneIn Radio app. Who says you can’t be a multitasking fan? Want to stay up to date? Check out the Hops Podcast.

If you wish you could be at Spring Training, but need to stay home to support the Hops, you can always catch the news, highlights, and live video.

Other Things to Do to Enhance the Game

Although there’s rarely a dull moment in baseball, you’ve got the 7th inning stretch to stretch, grab a beer, or hit the bathrooms. Want to make the most of your time in long lines or want to avoid having a conversation with a stranger? Why not stay in the spirit of the game and check out online casino sites to do a little sports betting or take a turn at the slots.

Wishing you could get out on the field and play, too? If you have a VR headset (you can find inexpensive cardboard versions), check out Home Run Derby VR. The mobile game gives you the opportunity to play at eight iconic ballparks. To avoid being disrupting a fellow fan or smacking one in the face while you’re “batting,” leave your stadium seat and give yourself lots of space. You may look a little silly, but who cares? You love baseball.

If you write a sports blog, this is a great time to start writing down all the highlights of the game while they are still fresh in your mind. Want to connect with fellow Hops fans? Why not interview or take pictures to add to your blog? Not only are you enhancing your ballpark experience, but you are helping other fans relive their experience or bring the game to others who couldn’t attend.