U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships 2019

On February 27th, two competitors from Oregon made their way to the U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships (G2-World Ranking Point Tournament) in Las Vegas, Nevada.  For many this tournament is viewed as a prelude to the talented athletes vying for coveted spots on the U.S. National Team.  They joined over 3,000 competitors from across the United States and top level international athletes from over 80 countries during this 4-day event.  Winners gained points that were calculated and used to assess their National ranking.

Head Master Minki Seong holds a 6th degree Black Belt conferred by Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) and the owner of US World Class Taekwondo in Happy Valley.  He has been competing Internationally for over 20 years with many National and International titles.  During the U.S. Open Master Seong competed against the worlds best in the individual over 30 category sealing a victory and earning a Gold medal in his division over the Korean Champion.

Daniel Wilson also competed in the event.  Mr. Wilson is a 3rd degree Black Belt at USWC Taekwondo Happy Valley and their Lead Instructor.  Mr. Wilson is relatively new to the competition circuit in the over 60 division.  He had solid performances in each of his brackets and finished with a well-deserved Bronze.  Placing ahead of the 2018 US National Gold medalist.
US World Class Taekwondo – Happy Valley is proud to represent our community and the State of Oregon. Students are currently training to compete at National and International World Ranked Events.

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