Top 5 Basketball Games

Basketball is a popular game but what do you do when you cannot get to a game. Whether you are resting an injury or just don’t have time to get to the court, playing basketball games could be a great way to get your fix without leaving the house. Here are five of the best basketball games for you to try

NBA 2K11

An easy first choice NBA 2K11 is a game that has some of the most detailed graphics we have ever seen. Described fairly as immersive play this game offers everything and more to the budding player. Featuring an intro from NBA star Michael Jordan, there is loads of action to keep you entertained. With several modes, this game will keep you occupied for hours.

Basketball Star Slot 

This casino-style game is a five reel slot game with 243 win ways. Designed by casino software giants Microgaming this authentic game offers the best in design and action with many bonus features. With symbols featuring famous players, the ball and sneakers there is loads of visual stimulation from this popular game. It features wild cards and free spins when you trigger scatter plays you will really enjoy this basketball game. Finding somewhere to play is easy when you head over to

College Hoops 2K8 

As the name suggests, this basketball game is based in the college leagues and comes packed with loads of features. The graphics are good and the players very realistic, the game has all of the elements of the modern day game with lock-on defence, range metre and play vision to name just a few. The game is a classic that maintains appeal no matter how much time passes and until a remake is announced this still offers a great deal of fun with a realistic stadium and crowd to cheer you on. 

NBA Live 2003

If you are looking for the best game of basketball ever made, then you might well just have found it. It is a triumph of software developers EA and a timeless game that never loses its popularity. It is an arcade style game that is a delight to play and brings you as close to the courtside as you can get without actually being there. Not only are the graphics first rate but the soundtrack is actually iconic, and there is plenty of action going on from franchise to exhibition play and much more besides.

NBA Street Vol 2

A retro classic that we just love and well worth playing if you can get your hands on it. Street basketball that is so cool for old school you will find legendary players and their equally epic signature moves. Totally exaggerated and loads of fun this is one game we cannot ever leave behind. Arcade basketball at its best the game is fast, well designed and simply so much fun you might forget to go outside into the real world, utterly absorbing if you have never tried it you are missing out.