Top 10 NFL Teams – Ravens Top Odds Ranking Bet, Chiefs Took Second

The 2020 NFL campaign started a few weeks ago and will take a 17-week playoff schedule before heading to the Super Bowl LV. Today, the NFL is heading to a Week 3 match, and the odds are now slowly showing for the groups who might have a good position in their conference and the league as a whole. 

During the Week 1 and Week 2 games, we’ve seen a huge leap from the dogs who won unexpectedly. Moreover, the Chiefs managed to defeat the Texans in an intense match. The Bucs, today’s NFL host, had tasted their first upset after the Saints nailed an 11-point edge in the final score. 

All these and more will make this year’s NFL more intense and thrilling. As we step closer to the Super Bowl LV, the Week 3 games are now up for the fans to spectate. To tease you on how each team currently stands in the quest for the 2020 Lombardi Trophy, here are the current NFL futures odds of the toughest teams to watch out for. 

Baltimore Ravens (+500)

The Baltimore Ravens are showing a big revelation in today’s NFL season. In Week 1, they jousted against the Brown and exploded 38 winning points over 6. In Week 2, they slew the Texans to a 33-16 game run. This week, they will face the Chiefs, and if they manage to turn them down successfully, the Ravens will be the biggest favorites in the NFL today.

Kansas City Chiefs (+550)

In the offseason, the Chiefs are rumored to be the repeat champions in the NFL. Today, they are settling in the second rank after the Ravens performed better than them. In the opening game, the Chiefs remained tough and defeated the Texans. They also whipped the Chargers in the Week 2 playoffs. 

New Orleans Saints (+1000)

The New Orleans Saints are another tough team to consider in the Super Bowl LV. In Week 1, the fans expected that the Bucs would win after Gronkowski and Brady got traded, but it seems that the Saints did not mind them. Although they got defeated by the Raiders in Week 2, they are still a favorite group. 

Seattle Seahawks (+1300)

Last year, the Seahawks stepped into the league playoffs, showing many come from behind wins. Today, it seems that they are doing it once again, making it to the ranking chart. In Week 1, they faced the Falcons and devastated them in a 38-25 game run. After that, they defeated the Pats in Week 2, ending a 35-30 run in favor of them. 

San Francisco 49ers (+1400)

Last year’s Super Bowl runner-up has struggled at the start of the season after being defeated by the Cardinals in the opening round. However, they came back in Week 2, slaying the Jets effortlessly. Although the Niners are underdogs this year, they’re still on the ranking chart because they’re a team that’s seen to upset the league’s biggest favorites. 

Dallas Cowboys (+1700) 

Like the 49ers, the Dallas Cowboys are heading to better positioning in the Super Bowl LV road. Last season, they weren’t able to inch a step in the league playoffs, but they might flip the coin this season. They were defeated in the opening game by the Rams but won in Week 2 after facing the Falcons. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1700)

The Bucs had a big revelation this year after they contracted Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Many fans thought that Gron is retiring, but has joined Brady with no hesitation. However, their hype was tested, failing in Week 1 after the Saints disappointed them. But, in Week 2, they won their game against the Panthers. 

Buffalo Bills (+2100)

The Bills aren’t a dog anymore this year as they had done so well in the NFL Draft. They aren’t going anywhere after nailing the first two games in the playoffs excellently. They defeated the Jets and the Dolphins during the Week 1 and Week 2 matches. Today, they will face the Rams, and if they win, their odds will surely ascend.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+2100) 

The Steelers have stolen the NFL fans’ hearts this season after they dominated their first two matches. Although last year was not a good ending for them, they did their best to come back this season. The Steelers put down the Giants in Week 1 and the Broncos in Week 2. 

Green Bay Packers (+2200)

The Packers are also dark horses in the NFL campaign this year. They did the same stint last year and will surely be dangerous in the upcoming matches. Today, they are settling on the tenth rank for the NFL chart. They won their first two games against the Vikings in Week 1 and Lions in Week 2. 


Every week, the odds ranking changes, depending on how the teams ended their recent matches. After the Week 2 games, the ten groups above are now topping the leaderboard in the race for the Super Bowl LV title. Make sure to stay updated with their upcoming matches to see how their fate stands in the Lombardi Trophy this year.