Timbers To Face San Jose Earthquakes In October – Is There A Future For Diego Valeri In Portland?

There is a buzz about Diego’s future in Portland. As per the rumors, he might not be a Timber in 2020. However, there is much hearsay on the ongoing negotiations between Diego and Portland Timbers. But the leading scorer has nothing to say about his next year’s absence.

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Since there are still more games to battle out, the player said it would not be a wise idea to discuss that now. Diego revealed that he would give in-depth details about that some other times later. So, it is not yet clear if this pro-scorer will be returning to Portland. In the meantime, he is focusing on finishing the current season

His contract with Portland is set to end this year, but they still have an opportunity to extend it. It is reported that the player had sought to be kept as a Designated Player upon the contract extension. Timbers have, however, offered to buy down Diego’s contract with TAM (Target Allocation Money) to free up roster space for a fresh DP. 

But this would greatly have his current earnings cut from $2.4 million to $1.5 million if he accepts to be covered by TAM. The coach, Savarese, gave sentiments about how the club still wants Diego back. They wouldn’t want to lose him. They are unwilling to let him go since he is a quality player and they even want to have him retire in Timbers.

A lot of Fans, who always fill the Providence Park whenever the Timbers are clashing with their rivals want him to stay. This is because he has really impacted Timbers performance in most games. His records reveal that he is still a promising start. He has had higher goals in other years since 2015. His current eight goals are the lowest since then. However, he has skyrocketed his career with 16 assists in this season. 

Since he joined Timbers from Lanus in 2013, he has risen to be one of the best players with 76 goals and 81 assists. This connotes that he can still make huge impacts on this team if he stays. 


Fans expect to have Diego back next season. The coach also wants him to stay since he is a talented player and can make an impact in Timbers. However, for those who are gamblers, you can enjoy sports betting in all upcoming Portland Timbers matches. For casino gamers, log on to your favorite gaming platform and get the best experience. Let us wait to see what the future holds for this star.