The Top Lacrosse Brands And Companies In 2021

There’s a lot of lacrosse gear out there, and as a player or parent, trying to find what’s best can be hard when some of the best brands out there are completely foreign. Sports manufacturing giants such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour produce plenty of lacrosse gear, but it’s important to explore the brands you might not have heard of—some of which have been producing high-quality lacrosse gear and changing the game for years. Discover some of the top lacrosse brands and companies in 2021 to make the hunt for new gear a little bit easier.


STX is easily one of the most popular lacrosse brands out there, equipping some of the top college programs in the country. The company was founded back in the ’70s by Richard B.J. Tucker, Sr., who is responsible for creating the commercialized lacrosse stick we know today. STX also produces gear for ice and field hockey.


Another lacrosse brand that has been around for some time is Warrior. The Michigan company, created 29 years ago, is a subsidiary company of New Balance. New Balance also owns Brine, another well-known lacrosse brand you might’ve heard of, which now focuses on delivering gear for the women’s game.


Launched by professional players John Gagliardi and Jay Jalbert, Maverik is a lacrosse company that has emerged in recent years. It’s a subsidiary company of Bauer, one the biggest hockey brands out there.


Maverik is partners with Cascade, which specializes in producing top-of-the-line helmets, including the Pro 7, one of the most popular lacrosse helmets ever produced. The company recently released its latest model, the XRS.

ECD Lacrosse

ECD Lacrosse comes from Greg Kenneally, who turned his time as a “stick doctor” and his experimentation with wax mesh into a business venture with his twin brother Mike. ECD eventually exploded onto the lacrosse scene, and you can now find its sticks, stringing, mesh, and heads in lacrosse stores and major retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods across the country.


Many people call Gary Gait the Michael Jordan of lacrosse, and Gait also has a brand tied to his greatness. The company was actually created by Paul Gait, another Syracuse lacrosse great, and relaunched in 2019 under Gary.

True Temper

Another one of the top lacrosse brands and companies in 2021 is True Temper. The company started in the sport of golf, but it has created lacrosse shafts for years. In 2015, the company expanded its lacrosse offerings with gloves and pads.


Epoch burst into the lacrosse world with its incredibly lightweight Dragonfly lacrosse shaft. Like True Temper, the company has since grown its catalog of gear with protective equipment.

Wolf Athletics

Wolf Athletics sells quality lacrosse shifts and goals. It has also redefined the game with the hex ball, which is the official ball of the Premier Lacrosse League. As of late, the company has also launched a collection of fiddlesticks, which you can find at local Walmart stores.

These lacrosse brands can give you a boost of confidence out there on the field and, more importantly, provide the protection you need to succeed.