The Top 5 Players In Seattle Mariners History

For a team that has had so very many stars over the course of its history in the major leagues, it really is odd that the Mariners hold two of the most undesirable records in baseball history! As one of eight teams to never have never won a World Series, that would be bad enough. However, the Mariners are one of only two teams who have never even made it to the Series and that is even worse when it comes right down to it! So then, with the following 5 players who are undoubtedly the top ever to have worn the Emerald City green, it’s really a wonder that the Mariners hold those two totally unwanted records.

1. Ken Griffey, Jr. (1989 – 1999 and 2009 – 2010)

In 1987 when Ken Griffey, Jr. was drafted first overall by the Mariners, he was just 17 years old. By the time he was ready to go pro, he was just a 19 year old kid but a kid with the power and finesse of a seasoned player. His first year alone he hit an amazing 16 homers and from there, well, the rest is history. There isn’t a baseball fan in the world who doesn’t know the name Ken Griffey, Jr. and even ten years after retiring, when he came back in 2009, this star proved that baseball was in his blood. Fans ate up his return and couldn’t get enough Griffey. In fact, fans sat glued to betting sites like Bet365 to get in their wagers inning by inning as he made his comeback with the same strength he retired with a decade earlier.

2. Edgar Martinez (1987 – 2004)

Lovingly referred to as Gar by fans and teammates alike, Edgar Martinez is said to have a name that is synonymous with the Mariners. You can’t think of one without the other and many sports commentators believe that he is the greatest player never to have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, give it time! By the end of the decade, it is predicted he will have his own star. Even so, Gar doesn’t need a star to be remembered by the phenomenal 2,247 hits which you will see makes his record second only to the player we name next.

3. Ichiro Suzuki (2001 – 2012)

It is only fitting that a city known for such a large Japanese population would sign the first-ever position player to the major leagues. Hailing from Japan, Ichiro Suzuki is another player whose name is synonymous with the Mariners and his record number of hits that surpassed even Gar totaled 3,000. Phenomenal for a major leaguer up against the best of the best in team after team that made it to the Series as he never did. Amazing. Simply amazing.

4. Felix Hernandez (2005 – Present)

Referred to as the “King,” this is one pitcher to contend with and as he is still playing, who knows what this year will bring? Will it be the King that finally leads the Mariners to that ultimate goal of playing in the World Series? Again, Bet365 is certainly going to be busy this summer as the King steps up to the mound.

5. Randy Johnson (1989 – 1998)

Finally, and last on this top 5 but certainly not last, is Randy Johnson. Isn’t it amazing what just the sound of a name can do to baseball fans? Originally drafted by Montreal, Randy made his debut with the Mariners in ’89. Lovingly referred to as “The Big Unit,” his trade to the Mariners is still considered to be one of the team’s biggest wins ever. Amazingly, he posted up with over 200 strikeout seasons on the mound and with a record like that, how is it that the Mariners never made it to the finals themselves?

So you see, each of these players is a star and it is still not truly known how they never made it to that coveted championship, the World Series. Whether inducted as a star in the Hall of Fame or simply having a name etched on the hearts of fans, these 5 players are undoubtedly the best ever to play for the Mariners.