The Portland Trail Blazers Moda Center Experience

The Portland Trail Blazers lost to the Brooklyn Nets on Friday night, 119-115. Cool. Sweet. Moving on. That’s not what I’m here to talk about. If you want actual analysis of what happened in the game, I am not your guy. If you are seeking that out, there are many radio shows, podcasts, and board games that you can seek out. (My favorite basketball board game? Flagrant Fun; Get Ejected From The Game! For Ages 2 & Up!) 

I am here to talk about the experience of going to a Blazers game.  

Going to basketball games are quite fun. How fun, Steven? Oh man, so fun. No, but seriously, tell me what precisely is fun about them, or you’re fired. Oh, OK. I didn’t even know you were my boss. 

I love big events. Games, concerts, second weddings, I love them all. So seeing a bunch of people all in the same place for the same thing brings me joy and makes me excited. I specifically love all the hullabaloo at the Moda Center. The food and drinks there are incredible. I think the Moda Center should be applauded for having legitimate food and drink options. Please, everyone, take a moment right now to rise from your seat, and give a big round of applause to the Moda Center… Thank you. You may be seated. The Moda Center is like it’s own little town. Trail Blazers Town is what I’ll call it.

I love that the game ball gets passed down from the 300 level to the court right before the game starts. It makes it so everyone can feel like they really made a basket. I’m like, “Hey, I touched the ball, and then CJ made a three, so in a way, we both scored. He wouldn’t have gotten the ball if I hadn’t passed it to the next person in the stands. Good for me! I’m going to order another hamburger!” 

Before the game begins, one of my favorite things happen. The player introductions. I love how the visiting team gets very straightforward, no-nonsense introductions, and then the Blazers get these fully produced, over-the-top presentations. I was really blown away when a magician pulled CJ ouf of a hat. But sometimes I wish the visiting team also got cool introductions. Like it just kind of feels rude. I mean, I know that’s kind of the point, but were these teams never told they had to be good hosts? Did their parents never teach them that? Did they offer to take their coats? Did they offer them anything to eat or drink? That should be included in the introductions. 

“At point guard, Kyrie Irving. Kyrie, can we take your coat, would you like a glass of wine?” It’s just good manners. 

One of the big things I love about going to Blazers games is the games and activities that happen during the timeouts. They are so crazy, I love them. Yes please, try and throw that chessboard through a hula hoop. I love nothing more than rooting for someone to eat as many pizza slices as they can while trying to hit a three-pointer blindfolded. That’s real basketball. 

Lest I forget the special messages that get flashed on the jumbotron for things like birthdays and anniversaries. I really want someone to do one that just says, “Lol. I’m on the jumbotron. See ya!” That would make my day. Even better if someone used it to place an order. “Yes I would like two beers, a hot dog, and some nachos. Also, happy birthday Jennifer!” I don’t know why the players don’t use the jumbotron to talk trash. It’s perfect because the opposing team won’t be able to see it. They could be like “Hey Kyrie, I don’t like your shoes very much. Haha. Also, Happy Birthday Jennifer!” It’s that easy. 

On Friday, the Blazers scored over 100 points, so everyone in the stadium received a free 6-piece McNuggets from McDonalds. The thing is, though, you can only get it if you download the McDonald’s app. My only question is, why didn’t the McNuggets instantly fall from the rafters after the Blazers scored the 100th point? That is way more fun, and convenient for the fans. It also would’ve helped the Blazers. Do you think the Brooklyn Nets were properly prepared to play basketball while Chicken McNuggets were falling from the sky? The Blazers could really use this to their advantage. They could rig it so the McNuggets only fell on the half of the court where the Nets were on offense. They could make it an entire cheering section! The McNugget Section! Sign me up. 

Damian Lillard scored 60 points in the game. A franchise record. I love watching him play, but his record scoring got me thinking. I think it would be fun if none of the players on the floor had a number on their jersey. I think it would be more fun and motivating to the players if the number on their jersey was based off how many points they have scored in the game. I’m sure there is some sort of technology that can make this happen. But think about it. Do you think a player would want to have the lowest number on the court? If you’re on the Blazers and Lillard is at like 45, and you’re at 3, wouldn’t that motivate you to catch up? I understand that not everyone needs to score a lot, and that players have certain roles, but you can’t tell me that this wouldn’t be a fun experiment

Needless to say, Blazers games are very fun. They may have lost, but there are so many other things to enjoy about the experience that it makes it a unique experience every time you go. 

I would like to thank Flagrant Fun; Get Ejected From The Game! for sponsoring this post. 

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