The Expansion Of An Unseen Era Of The Six Nations

The Six Nations rugby tournament which had started in 1883 with the starting four home nations were just ‘England’, ‘Ireland’, ’Scotland’, ‘Wales’. This tournament had won the hearts of the people, which led to the addition of two more home Nations which was France and later in the 2000s which also led Italy.

The 2021 Six Nations Championship is the 22nd Six nations championship and also the 127th edition of adding up both its previous Home nation and Five Nations Championship.

So while spectating it in total, Team England have always been at level best in their game both in passing and penalty ratio. 

England who has been the 2020 championship winners has a record of 29 outright wins, they are also having a level with Wales with 39 total Championship.

 In which the teams who have been so unlucky with the tournament are Italy and Scotland because they have failed to win the Six Nations title.  

According to Betway’s short analysis made on the Northern Hemisphere the game has been not coming up much as per the fan’s (viewers) expectation. In which most of them describe the game as “annoying”, “boring”, and also as a total “time waste”.

So, looking out for the comments done by people is a waste of time or boring? Let’s see now by taking an average passing and kicking analysis which has been done in the past 10 years.

While looking at the total points achieved by all teams, in the 2010th Six Nations Championship the total points were 594. Which then dropped to 534 points in 2013.

Since that drop, it hasn’t dropped in big figures but has shown spiking up in points which are shown by 660 points in 2015. It had also reached 693 in the following year with an average of 46 points per game, in 2020 the scoring has remained balanced with 631 points which shows a small decrease.

But also, to tell the slight decrease or increase in point does not tell us totally about the game.

The statistical study of the points also shows us that in 2010 there were 83 penalties and 48 tries, whereas in 2015 82 penalties, 62 tries which drastically affected the number of penalties in which 2020 there were 49 penalties and 74 tries.

From the ratio, we can get to know that kicking the ball has been less and it is more of keeping the ball in hands. 

According to the study in 2010, there was a 4.9-line break with 10.2 defenders being beaten every 80 min. which even spiked up to 8.6 in the most recent edition.

The sincere fact is that it is impossible to tell the whole story just based on stats, but these figures don’t show the game hasn’t been boring.

The sport has become more adventurous over the past 10 years.There may have been some dull games in 2020 but with just a few games we cannot categorize it as boring.The sport has never lost its spirit and based on the assumptions, it never will!